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16th Anniversary!
WHS Wenatchee High School
Wenatchee, WA  USA
Tuesday July 16, 2019

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Event Announcement!

Alaska Cruise Class Reunion 2019

Sunday, May 26, 2019


Variable depending on cabin selection

We have put the finishing touches on what promises to be a one-of-a-kind cruise to Alaska and Glacier Bay to celebrate our 70th birthdays!

We recommend reserving your spot early on The Bliss, Norwegian Cruise Line's newest addition to their cruise ship line. Classmates have already reserved 12 staterooms, which gives us the option of paying for the cost of the cruise on a monthly basis. You can set up whatever payment schedule works for you, in order pay the costs in full by the January 2019 due date. Costs start at $1321.79 per person, based on double occupancy, depending on where the room is located and the amenities offered. The pricing for this cruise includes the full beverage package and all gratuities.

If you would be traveling alone, we have several classmates who are hoping to double up with others looking for a roommate. There is also a number of studio staterooms for one person. When you contact Norma Jean to inquire or make your reservation, she can tell you more about those options.

For more information or to book your cruise, contact Norma Jean Diaz at Journey Travel, 509.662-7775 or email her at [email protected] We hope to see you aboard the Bliss in May 2019!


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  Message Deborah (Debbie) Provo Gurnard

  Message to all 1968 Classmates. We are

Thu 10/25/2018 4:26 PM

  Message Deborah (Debbie) Provo Gurnard

  Class News: This is just a notice to let

Tue 9/18/2018 9:04 PM


Today's Featured Biography


Dann Cutler

~ Wasn't our Reunion Fantastic & Fun ! - Congratulations to the many girls & their husbands for successfully pulling it off ! - Pugh's Y pal, K.Salmon too. - The planning, the dedication, the ability.. to herd us all together, from around the World. ~~~ Memories. - How many of You remember our WHS Rooter 'open door' boxcar Train Trip to Everett for our Panther football game in the fall of '65 ? - Think that could ever happen again in this day & age ?! - Chances ? - Ha ! - Less than nonexistent ! ~~~ I've worn many hats, been to many places. - A couple of weird ones were the Sky River Rock Festival in my off time, even before Woodstock (Hi Teresa, Fly like the Eagle, you were always.. meant to be.), along with many others in Washington & California. - Then time "messing around" with the NSA inside AREA 51 in Nevada. - IF, you're considering storming it in Sept.. think again. - A million, easily handled. ~~~ Was also the ASB President, in my Senior year @ Whidbey Island, living with another family in the former Polly Harpole Maternity Home, with 3 slightly younger.. kinda' "New Sisters", & their parents. - Many people, in & from "The Rock".. born there. - Started & ran a Community Teen Center there that year for all the kids from around central Whidbey Island.. later shown in the '98 film "Practical Magic", starring Sandra Bullock & Nichole Kidman. - Amazing are the personal connections.. between those from there.. & some from Wenatchee. ~~~ An avid snow & water skier + golfer all around the entire P.N.W. in my prime. - Which reminds me, two Ladies for the former two, and a third for the latter from our class.. STILL ARE. - Champions they all be. ~~~ Hosted my Step-Dad's climbing expedition planting the PLU flag on Mt. Denali, in our living room in Alaska, which they all slept in with tons of their their gear. - He, Jarl Secher-Jensen (former 5th. grade math teacher @ Malaga.. then PLU, good friends with Asplund of WHS), Dr. Don Ryan, both, good friends with Thor Heyerdahl & his wife, the beautiful Miss France, Dr. Larry Layman, Richard Knackenmous. - All from PLU in '78. - Couldn't fit them all.. in my plane, but checked on them up there @ 19,000 ft. with Joe & Donna (Honaker) Richards. - Don's still finding hidden tombs.. in the Valley Of The Kings, when he's not on National G. TV, or UK's channel 4. - Great fun digging a hole in the backyard @ PLU.. throw a whole swine in it, you know.. rocks & heat, a celebratory luau. - To honor his Kon-Tiki.. Ra 1, & Ra 2. - Thor & her.. had a good time. ~~~ Currently ? - Now, I also write.. as an amateur author. - Died 3 times.. NDE's.. a trip. - So's the recovery. - On the trail & counting.. more lives than 8 ? - As one guy said, Robert, the husband of a girl from our class, "Walked THROUGH that door".- We made it back.. with a little help from our friends. ~~~ Doing fine now. - Life is good. - Several have told me to write an autobiography, but haven't got around to it yet.. too busy with a band & providing history to FB Groups in multiple locations around the Nation. - Also pen spiritual, scientific & political dissertations.. a counselor / therapist of sorts. - (I know, it sounds like a contradiction, maybe a conundrum, but it all works out !). - Fumble @ poetry, & of All things, I'm a "roadie" for my younger brother's Rock band.. "PBJ&M", Singers, Songwriters. - They played at Pybus that Friday night. - Lyrics for some of their work I provide.. as well as help with arrangement. - I know what sounds good, have discerning but partially deaf ears (too much headphone use, not only from music.. but aircraft), and sometimes.. too big a mouth. - Several have taught me.. 'Jolene', 'Simple Man', 'We've Got Tonight', 'Bright..Sunshiny Day', Adele, CSN&Y, Eagles stuff, Enya & Loreena McKennitt ..too. - Dabble @ playing the piano & bass guitar until my fingers.. & heart bleed.. misty eyes. - He's got all the musical talent. - I can barely play the Radio, although I DO have FULL licenses of many kinds.. - 32 & 64 channel Soundboards.. Mixers.. a tool.. as are those 10 mm.'s, on our hip.. in the pit. --- SOME of my journey is on Facebook for those who care to look. --- I looked forward to visiting with all of you "LEVEL 68" friends (doesn't that sound better than 58 !) at our Reunion, and, making some new ones, which I Did ! - Some not even from our class.. the help. - "Hello" chicken.. @ the end of the chow line in the concourse. - I was also very excited to hear the stories of your lives, from over these many years ! - So little precious time we had that weekend to cram it all in. - Many of you made the extra effort, sacrifice, & expense to travel very far, & return to your distant homes. - Some.. even from Vienna. - None of us will forget you all. - I & we.. salute and applaud you for your demonstrable commitment.. and continuing to conduct & attend updated "Mini-Reunions". - '68 really DOES dominate. - Sorry friends in others... you know who you are. ~~~ I've never been in the right place to attend ANY of our past Reunions, or for that matter, be able to stay in touch over the last 52 years with Some of you. - Some from WHS will remember 'episodes / escapades' we shared back in Seattle, Berkeley, Sausalito, San Francisco, Colorado, Vancouver & Prince Rupert B.C., Ely Nv., Sedona,.. even searchlights on the face of Saddle Rock in '68 through '69. ~~~ I Went to college in Seattle, lived on every 'Hill & Valley' there, then again in Alaska where I lived for a decade.. while also flying the Bush in my own planes & practicing professional Land, Geodetic, & Construction Surveys. - Based in Anchorage near Merrill Field, but lived and worked all around the State including the North Slope for the Pipeline.. ((but strangely, never ran into Nancy's cousin K.Buchanan @ Prudhoe Bay (Both.. of '68), or a 'Brown / Horan' gal from WHS class of '70 there. - They came.. a little later, as did B.Brooks.. but didn't take the Chiefs job up there)), Fairbanks, Nome, the Yukon Delta, Aleutians, and East to places like North Pole, McCarthy, Valdez, Cordova , Skagway, & Juneau, plus Alberta, British Columbia, and the Yukon in the Northwest Territories, all back in the '70's. - - Flew down.. & married a hometown girl, a year older, in Wenatchee, took her back up up there. - The Valley has it's draw. - Flew down also, a couple more times.. just to enjoy a Dusty Burger. ~ Then back to Wenatchee somewhat after.. with a family of now two little ones.. soon to become 4, totaling 6, for a continuing career in Civil Engineering, Law, Law Enforcement, & Emergency Management as the asst. City Engineer for The City of Wenatchee, & simultaneously, as the President of the Board Of Directors of the Chelan, Douglas, & Grant County Utility Council "Call Before You Dig" Authority during the '80's & early '90's. - Prior to the statewide Call 811 System. - Volunteer cop, having been raised in the Chelan Co. Courthouse (roots in Waterville & Del Rio though) by some of the County Sheriffs - Rosy, Nickel, Mrs. Law, later.. Honaker, Winns, Wallace. - The Huggins. - Now.. Burnett.. a confidant of concerned Fathers. - Those empty marble hallways when you're only 4, so lonely, @ Midnight.. skipping out of the Engineer's Office.. marveling at the same name.. on the ornate brass mail chutes. - Later, used to push the Mayors Wife down the street when she was younger.. on her tricycle.. Apple Annie's kid. ~~~ Then continuing in Renton as the asst. Public Works Director. ~~~ Retired in the mid '90's at 56 to Bend, Oregon, & built my own house there from scratch.. the 2nd after doing so previously in East Wenatchee. - Amazing what one can do, when you put your mind to it, to learn how to do Everything from a pamphlet, better than Code the inspector said, before 'youtube' came along. ~~~ Then to Arizona where I continued to keep abreast & trained in new technologies at ASU, Luke AFB, & the Marine Corps Air Station in Yuma.. in Law Enforcement, Engineering, Emergency Management, & NSA activities for almost 2 decades. - Had to make a few clandestine & covert Government flights from the Country in F-4's & F-14's jets out of Yuma for extended periods of time. - Met my 2nd. wife there, 2 years older, who was from Santa Rosa, Ca.. friends with Nancy Ling & Patty Hearst. - She used to date Steve Perry from "Journey" in San Francisco, when he wasn't raising turkeys in Modesto. - Apparently, she married down LOL. - Then, together we FULL TIME RV'd all over the West, numerous Pets.. a blessing.. eventually running a 50 lot RV park in Quartzsite, Az. by ourselves. - Snobird tenant, retired Multnomah County Sheriff, "Big John" Kerslake, a good friend, along with several Deps & Ann Rule. - Have been 'stuck' in Lodi, San Diego, Algadones, both Boulders, Fargo N.D., Brainerd, Mn., Montana, New Mexico, Tombstone, Winslow, Jackson Hole, Banff, basically.. most everywhere. - Not as much as some.. from our class & school. - Always wanted to visit the Wright Fallingwater abode.. in Pa., Spain, Germany, Norway. ~~~ We then moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to be closer to my wife's 4 children.. now mine too. - I then embarked on an old passion of Para-Psychology & Metaphysics there at the University, impressed by what I had learned from the long distance, somewhat secret, ESP / Remote Viewer "Long Range Mental Seer Anylysts" of the NSA. ~~~ NOW, after being suddenly Widowed in early '14, the day before Valentine's Day in California, based in Wenatchee since Apple Blossom of 2016. ~~ I'm so sorry to hear about the dear friends we have lost ! - They will always hold a firm grip of, & place in my heart. - Miss Hildebrand, Hachtel, Crollard, & Krakowka. - Of the Women, I've seen the tree planted at the nursing school at the U of Dub for Lee Ann, & a headstone in a beautiful cemetery in Bellingham for Sally a 2nd. time, but not Gould's or Rodgers'. - Just to name a few. - Specially old girlfriends, including all those above, both gone & still alive. - Some living, couldn't make it to our Reunion.. including a guest 2 yrs. my senior from Sandpoint, Idaho.. a champion downhill snow skier who came over to some of our proms at WHS when she wasn't competing at Sun Valley. - Now lives in Nampa. - On the bright side however, many of You lovely Ladies WERE able to attend Our 50th. - Timeless in beauty You all are - as is our music. - Here's to 50 more ! ~~ As Bowie sang before, "We all can be 'Heroes'.. for just one day" - Make Each One.. Count. - Helen K. once remarked, "The only thing worse than being blind.. are the ones who have 'Perfect'-ly good eyes.. but fail to see."
~ P.S. WHS '68 Classmates: There is a notable difference in the number of responses to the BIO SEGMENT & the degree of candidness in general, on our individual listings contained herein - compared to our gregarious friends in the Classes of '66 & '67 ! (with the exception of Lyle Bland) - WHY ? - I realize that in this modern day of Internet IN-security & a desire for Privacy, for Personal Relationships, Marriage Boundaries, and just plain "space" - that we MUST be cautious & discreet. - That being said, You should NEVER be afraid to celebrate and share each of your unique lives - at least some of it.. even IF, you don't 'need'.. the social validation.. in a humble & prudent fashion ! - Each one of You is such a very special individual. - Stay as you are - everyone else is already taken ! ~ Have a nice day.. and many after !


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