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Features provides self-funded class reunion websites for every graduating class of every high school, and extends full access to all class members without regard to financial ability.
  Standard Features  
   ● Homepage Photo
 ● Class Mascot Image Display
 ● Email Addresses
     Class members choose whether to display email address
     Emailing class members is open and free

 ● Then and Now Photos
     Yearbook Photos/Current Photos
 ● Class Reunion Notification
 ● Class News
 ● Message Board
 ● Family News Items
     Posted by class members
 ● Daily Featured Biography
 ● Extensive Personal Profile
 ● Recent Profile Updates List
 ● Class Calendar
 ● Daily Featured Class Member Websites
 ● Class Statistics
 ● Upcoming Birthdays
 ● Featured Website Links
 ● Class Polls
 ● Website Statistics
 ● Deceased Class Members Directory
 ● Reviews of Books, Movies, Restaurants, etc.
 ● Recommended Recipes
  Enhanced Features
(Bonus features for classes which provide voluntary financial support.)
   ● Class Database reporting, backup, download.
 ● Custom Class Mascot Upload
 ● Class Directory Reports
     Located, Missing, Deceased
 ● Memory Book Printouts for Reunion (6 layouts)
 ● Bulk Email Utility Using Your Own Mail Server
 ● Mailing Label Printout
 ● Reunion Planning Functions
 ● Export Entire Database to Local Computer
     File is directly readable by Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access

Clean Screens
No Ads, No Spam, No Pop-ups. The screen is dedicated to your class.

No User Fees
Everyone in your class has full participation privileges without user fees or registration fees.

No Setup Fees
There are no setup fees, no software fees, no web hosting fees.

No Commitments, No Obligations
There is no commitment required or obligation to use the site. It is there, and will continue to be there without any action on your part.

Operated by Volunteers from Your Class.
Each class is operated by a volunteer Class Administrator who has authorized access to a set of administrative tools for operating the website. The Class Administrator can then select Assistant Administrators from your class and provide access for them to use the administrative tools as well.

Dynamic Content
Class pages are built on our exclusive ClassTraQ content management engine which creates a dynamically changing class page every day, based on Class Administrator and class member content categories.