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16th Anniversary!
DRF Dayton Retired Firefighters
Dayton, OH  USA
Saturday February 16, 2019

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Event Announcement!

Larry Ables Retirement Open House

Sunday,  February  17,  2019  -  2:00 pm

Co 11, 145 Warren Street, Dayton, OH  

Company 11
2PM - 4PM

Retiree's Luncheon, Active and Friends Welcome ***

Wednesday,  February  20,  2019  -  11:00 am

The Milton Club 640 Cosler Dr Dayton, OH 45403  

Food and Drink Available for purchase  

Lunch open to anyone retired, active or associated with Dayton Fire Department and surrounding areas... sort of a AMAR lunch?


Event Contact: Jim Dunham

OAPFF AON MEMO Dated: 7FEB2019, 1015 Hrs

Wednesday,  February  20,  2019  -  12:00 pm

Brothers and Sisters,

There has been much spirited discussion recently over the shortcomings concerning the changes to the Ohio Police & Fire (OP&F) retiree health care. The stories we are hearing are absolutely tragic and unacceptable. Our 23,000 active and retired members have earned the best level of service from our pension fund. The current transition has been nothing short of a catastrophe. Unreturned calls, missed appointments, representatives with little or no ability to assist, lack of coverage, or no coverage at all in some areas, unreasonable cost, make it clear…AON HAS FAILED!

As part of our commitment to you and as follow up to the health care committee that worked to offer suggestions to the pension fund previously, the Ohio Association of Professional Fire Fighters (OAPFF) is putting together a new health care task force. This task force will gather information to present to the OP&F Board with the goal of creating a health care option that is better than the subpar plans currently offered by AON.

If you have information to contribute to this task force and its work, please reach out to your district vice president. Your DVP’s contact info can be found below.

We ask for your patience while the task force does their work. Because of the current contract between OP&F and AON, no changes can be implemented prior to 2020. Please rest assured that the OAPFF has always worked for our members and we will continue to do so. While we are aware of the fact that the OP&F Health Care Stabilization Fund continues to be depleted at an alarming rate, we will continue to look at any and all funding alternatives.

The OAPFF along with the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) have taken the following actions over the last several months:

Strongly encouraged for the delay of the implementation of the healthcare transition until 2020 to allow for our members to better prepare for the change.
Lobbied our Congressional delegation in Washington DC to permit first responders to join Medicare at age 55.
Continued to assist our members having issues with the current transition.
Begun working with the FOP to sever the relationship with AON and allow our members to have quality, affordable health care plans.
Worked with both State and Federal lawmakers to change restrictive rules that hinder our ability to provide funding resources for the OP&F Healthcare Stabilization Fund.
OAPFF Legal Counsel reviewing the entire process, including contract between AON and OP&F.

The Task Force will look at any and all possibilities pertaining to our members’ health care needs. There are no “bad” ideas, and a thorough vetting of all possibilities will be part of this process. We certainly feel that there are better options and we will explore all of them. Health care is a problem in every corner of our nation, and ultimately any permanent solution has to come from the legislature in Washington D.C. Obviously waiting for a political solution is not something that we can bank on.

The OAPFF, along with the FOP, will be proactive in our approach to this issue, and will investigate all options. This will take time, and presenting the best solutions to the OP&F Pension Board will be the goal. AON has not delivered the product that was promised in the public OP&F meetings that we attended. While everyone involved should be held accountable, now is the time to work together to resolve this monumental problem. Rest assured that your OAPFF will do everything we can to facilitate a better product than we currently have.
Stay safe, be informed, and remain united!


Michael P. Taylor,
OAPFF President

Event Contact: 4thDistrict VP Jon Harvey

OAPFF Bowling Tourny 2019, Springfield Local 333 H

Sunday,  March  31,  2019  -  12:55 pm

Victory Lanes, 906 Commerce Road, Springfield, Ohio 45504, (937) 323-8684 Saturday,  

$18 person  

April 27 & 28, May 4 & 5, May 11 & 12, 2019
Victory Lanes, 906 Commerce Road, Springfield, Ohio 45504, (937) 323-8684
Saturday,12:00 pm and 3:00 pm
Sunday, 9:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.
Applications Close March 15, 2019

APRIL 27 & 28, MAY 4 & 5, MAY 11 & 12, 2019
Each Bowler may participate only once in each event
TEAM $18.00
DOUBLES $18.00
SINGLES $18.00
TOT AL FEE $55.00
Prize Fees Returned 100% - Jacket Presented to Winner
NOTICE: This tournament is open to all active and retired firefighters whose locals are
Members of the Ohio Association of Professional Fire Fighters.
All bowlers may participate only once in each event.


More Information: Click To Open

Event Contact: RALPH HARROD, Chairman, Phone (937) 631-5408

Mail Payment To: George N. Miller, Tournament Director 7125 Bremen Rd. S.E. - Lancaster, Ohio 43130 Telephone 1-7 40-569-4007

Help for PTSD, Depression, Substance abuse, Other

Tuesday,  December  31,  2019

Brothers and Sisters,

As part of our commitment to the behavioral health and emotional well-being of our members, the OAPFF has created a new, stand-alone website,, to assist members in finding Peer Support and to discover other tools for bettering their emotional security.

Behavioral health and mental health issues are real and serious health concerns, especially for fire fighters. Too many of our brothers and sisters are struggling silently without reaching out for the help that is available. Long hours, traumatic calls, and dangerous situations take their toll on even the strongest of us.

The OAPFF Peer Support Network connects members with a specially trained colleague to receive emotional and tangible support through times of personal or professional crisis. Peer support helps connect people to appropriate assistance or care during their time of need.

If you are struggling with PTSD, depression, substance abuse, or other emotional or behavioral issues, please reach out to one of our Peer Supporters or a mental health professional. By working together, we can help bring mental and behavioral health out of the shadows and help our brothers and sisters and ourselves.

If you need immediate assistance please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255

Be united, be informed, be safe, and be well.

Michael P. Taylor
OAPFF President

More Information: Click To Open

Event Contact: Michael Taylor, OAPFF President


Class News

New Eboard for 2017
D.O.C. MOU – Accepted Vice President – Bryan Adams Legislative Agent – Gaye Jordan Building Committee: -Larry Ables -Sean Frazee -Jamie King . . .  Continued

Challenge coin....
We need member input. I will add the suggestions as comments. Like or make a verbal statement. You can add a suggestion(as a comment) to also be voted on. Vote on your favorite sugg . . .  Continued

IAFF Motorcycle Group Ohio Chapter
The OAPFF is proud to join with the IAFF Motorcycle Group and announce that the OHIO CHAPTER is now operational and is working on some exciting Ohio specific events. Joining the Ohio Cha . . .  Continued


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  Craig Wolfe Bypass Surgery 18NOV2016 Brad Nickels

  Craig is out of surgery (~2:30pm) and is

Fri 11/18/2016 4:47 PM

  Union Blankets are available Brad Nickels

  Union Blankets are available at the Unio

Fri 3/1/2013 10:43 AM

  Pension Reform Update 20120822 Brad Nickels

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Fri 8/24/2012 1:26 PM

  lower the DROP interest Brad Nickels

  Brothers and sisters: Please see the

Sat 3/3/2012 8:51 PM

  Willard Wright Anne Smith Memorial Service Brad Nickels

  The Memorial Service for Willard Wright

Sat 2/25/2012 12:55 PM

  Fencing Lumpy; Senior

  Looking for someone that installs fencin

Thu 2/23/2012 5:50 PM


  108 Stores with Senior Discounts Gon

Sun 1/29/2012 2:33 PM

  Steve Monnin Fair-well Email Brad Nickels

  Well the day is finally here, time to sa

Mon 1/16/2012 11:58 AM

  Fleming Fair-well Email: Vado in pensione Brad Nickels

  At 0700 hours Sunday, April 10 I wi

Tue 4/12/2011 10:35 PM

  Why Do I Like Retirement !!! Brad Nickels

  Why Do I Like Retirement !!! Question:

Sun 2/20/2011 7:27 PM


Today's Featured Biography


Kent Parker

Subject: Kent Parker Says Good-bye

Tried to send this via my e-mail and was informed my account had been “disabled”! Wow they don’t waste any time eliminating you from the system! With that said……….

Would like to thank all of those whom I have worked for and with for the past 29+ years. This was a life experience like no other. When I started in 1984 we had 15 firehouses and 6 of those were double companies (engine AND a ladder for you kids). To say things have changed would be an understatement, but Dayton only reflects the changes of the fire department throughout the country. Make no mistake about it no matter what apparatus or crews I worked with at the fire or EMS scene I ALWAYS felt confident in those who surrounded me. A very proud and professional organization. Enjoyed the many years at Company 11 and winding down at Company 12. Working with Buschur and Talley at 11’s and the team of Smith, Jones, Talley, and Herzer at 12’s resulted in more stories and experiences that I can share at this time. Couldn’t have requested better co-workers.

Final words of wisdom from the old guy: If you have decided to make the fire service your career then hit the books. Get promoted, make the money, and get the most out of this job as you can. This is coming from a guy that hit the books once, made the list once, and then decided to work his day off for 29+ years. We only report for duty every third day so maximize that opportunity and enjoy your time off.

Finally I read on a calendar the following: “People who live beyond their means should act their wage”. This is not an apocalyptic statement nor a political one, but I highly suggest especially to my younger brothers and sisters on the job to live within your means. We will continue to negotiate for wages and benefits with no guarantees and as you can already witness our pension system will continue to evolve and change. Get your financial house in order and keep it as such and you will have little stress at least involving your finances.

Enough said. Thanks again to all of you. Be safe. Take care. God Bless!


Hopefully this e-mail was approved by Chief Bowers along with the attachment I included of people I really didn’t enjoy working with the last 29+ years.


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 Death  Snively, Mattthew D., 63, passed away Wednesday, M
 Posted by: Brad Nickels


 Death  Firefighter David D. Kimbler passed away March 25,
 Posted by: Brad Nickels


 Death   ENGLAND, Robert L. "Bob" Age 79, of Miami Townsh
 Posted by: Brad Nickels


 Death  Former Fire Director Herbert Redden passed away la
 Posted by: Brad Nickels


 Death  Carl (Tom) CORY 1923 - 2015 News Death Notice C
 Posted by: Brad Nickels


 Retirement  Stan Martin, 29JUN14
 Posted by: Brad Nickels


 Death  Lt. Robert Wesley SHEEHAN SHEEHAN, Robert Wesle
 Posted by: Brad Nickels




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