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17th Anniversary!
PHS Paseo High School
Kansas City, MO  USA
Sunday February 16, 2020

What's Next

OK, I've saved the date of June 12 of this year for the 60th Class of 1960 Reunion. So what is next?

Great question. So here it is:

  1. The Reunion Committee met on January 30 to discuss and work out some of the details
  2. The hours for the reunion are 11:30 am to 3:00 pm
  3. Lunch is a sit down affair and will be served at 1:00 pm
  4. You will select one of three entrees that will be included on the Registration Form and also provided to you on a table tent given to you at the Registration Desk. Dessert is also included in your Registration Fee
  5. Parking is provided and you will be directed to the underground Grand Street Cafe parking garage
  6. More details to be finalized at the next Reunion Committee meeting on March 12

Check back here on March 13ish for more information about our gathering to celebrate 60 years of graduation from Paseo High School.


If you haven't notified the Reunion Committee of your current street address, now is the time to do it. Just send a brief email to [email protected] updating your information. And while you are at it, please update your Paseo HS profile with the current information. Thank you.

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60 Year Reunion Announcement!

60th Class Reunion

Friday,  June  12,  2020  -  11:30 am

Grand Street Cafe, 4740 Grand Street, Kansas City, MO (Just off the Plaza and located next to Winsteads)  

$35 per person  


Look Who's Coming!

Make Checks Payable To: 1960 Class Reunion
Mail Payment To: Linda Weed VanSlyke, 3905 W 132nd St, Leawood, KS 66209


Class News

Larry Hawken Passes on May 19, 2014
While trying to make contact with former classmates for the upcoming 60th Reunion, the Save The Date postcard sent to Larry Hawken was returned. After some research, it was learned that Larr . . .  Continued

Gary Ross Campell Passed in 2018
We were informed by Gary's ex-wife, Mary Jane Goode (Schoonover) Paseo High School Class of 1963, that he died on October 28, 2018. His profile has been updated with the information provided . . .  Continued

Carolyn Chiles Wade passes on September 18, 2015
It was learned on April 28, 2019 of the passing of our classmate Carolyn Chiles Wade. Her obituary was found in the Corpus Christi, TX Caller-Times, and has been added to her PHS1960 profile . . .  Continued


What a Wonderful 55th Reunion

Those who were present for our 55th Reunion on July 18, 2015, enjoyed great company, great food, and great stories. Here is the Class picture taken by Chris Wilborn of Wilborn & Assoc. Photographers.

Good Looking Group

How many do you recognize? Video and pictures of the event can be seen below

55th Reunion Video & Pictures

The Class of 1960 celebrated their 55th Reunion in the Prairie Room located within the Ameristar Casino. Here is a timelapse video followed by a compilation of pictures taken by Carole Meakin Owsley from the night of July 18, 2015.

Click on the link below to be taken to Flickr where you can see a compilation of pictures taken the night of the Reunion by Carole Meakin Owsley.

Paseo HS Class of 1960 55th Reunion

Hover your cursor over a picture to see a caption. Click on any picture to see a larger version. Click on the left or right arrow to scroll through the pictures. The picture caption can be found below the picture.

KEN BRADSHAW Paseo Alliance Guest Speaker

On October 28, 2013, Ken Bradshaw was the guest speaker at the quarterly Paseo Alliance Luncheon. Here is the video of his speech.

Diane Huston Henderson Has Spoken

In case you missed the July 29, 2013,Paseo Alliance Luncheon, Diane Huston Henderson was the guest speaker. Click on the play button below to see what you missed, or check it out again.

70th Birthday Bash
A Compilation Of Stills

Happy Birthday To Us

Hula Hoop Demonstration

Our 50th Reunion is History

But you can relive the Saturday night Dinner/Dance through the videos below, as well as pictures taken Friday night at the Meet & Greet and at the Sunday Brunch below. You may want to Pause the Classreport Radio Player before viewing the video.

Paseo High School Class of 1960 50th Reunion

Paseo High School Class of 1960 50th Reunion - Part 2

Paseo High School Class of 1960 50th Reunion - Part 3

Pictures from Friday Meet & Greet - Part 1
Move your cursor over each picture to get a magnified closeup.

Pictures from Friday Meet & Greet - Part 2

Pictures from Saturday Dinner/Dance

Pictures from Saturday Dinner/Dance - Part 2

Pictures from Saturday Dinner/Dance - Part 3

Pictures from Sunday Brunch

History of Paseo High School

The Paseo Alliance has constructed the first draft of the History of Paseo High School and the KCMO School District. You can click on this link to read a copy of that document, or go to their website at http://paseohighschool.org/paseohighschool/PDF/PaseoHistory.pdf.

Our Class Message Board

Your participation is requested!
We would like to hear from you. Post your messages here.

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  Ken Bradshaw passed away February 13, 2019 Carole Meakin Owsley

  September 19, 1941 — February 13, 2019 K

Mon 2/18/2019 4:57 PM

  Steve Blackburn, husband of Roberta Fray Blac Tim Dorr

  Linda Weed Van Slyke reported that Rober

Sun 9/9/2018 10:45 PM

  Message Darold Graves

  I've moved to the Happy Trails Resort, j

Wed 4/26/2017 5:32 PM

  Art Teacher John Coleman Passes Tim Dorr

  Carole Meakin Owsley informed us of the

Wed 3/8/2017 5:08 PM

  Pat Robinson's Mother Passes Tim Dorr

  It has just come to my attention that Ne

Wed 1/4/2017 10:34 AM

  Message Darold Graves

  Since my last post in June, the change i

Mon 11/14/2016 8:41 AM

  Son of Tim Henry Passes Tim Dorr

  Linda Weed VanSlyke reports of learning

Wed 7/27/2016 4:21 PM

  Rex Owsley Surgery Tim Dorr

  Your prayers are needed for Rex Owsley,

Thu 6/23/2016 11:55 AM

  Delores Bockover Graves Darold Graves

  It grieves me to report that my wife Del

Sun 6/5/2016 5:28 PM

  Boyd Simpson's wife, Marian, passes Tim Dorr

  Recently Boyd updated his profile and in

Sun 3/20/2016 5:07 PM

  Agnes Travalent Passes January 7, 2016 Tim Dorr

  Bill Frazier brought to our attention th

Sat 1/9/2016 2:02 PM

  Pat Robinson Phillips' Husband, Roger, Pass Tim Dorr

  The July 2, 2014 edition of the Kansas C

Wed 7/2/2014 10:06 PM

  Jack I Lobdell Passes Tim Dorr

  The December 8, 2013 obituaries found in

Sun 12/8/2013 11:04 PM

  Sky Diving Linda Tim Dorr

  Do you remember the old question, "Why w

Wed 11/13/2013 9:47 AM

  Linda Linville Pappas Husband John Passes Tim Dorr

  Linda sent us the following email that n

Mon 2/4/2013 3:28 PM


Today's Featured Biography


Claudia McCroskey Robertson

Graduated from Washburn University 1964. Taught school in Atchinson, Ks and Manhattan, KS. Married for 35 years. Two children, four grandchildren.

Retired from 25 years of teaching. Since retiring I enjoy hanging out with my grandkids, traveling, reading books and enjoy my book club. I am very active in my PEO chapter and shamelessly social with my friends.

We moved to Manhattan in 1969 and very much enjoy the atmosphere of a college town. Manhattan is a growing community approaching 65,000 in population. Bed Bath and Beyond just opened and Olive Garden and Red Robin are on the way! (Oh happy days!) An ideal community to raise one's children and grow old.


Family News Summary
Enter your Family News Item choosing from our pre-defined categories:
Anniversary, Award, Birth, Death, Diagnosis, Engagement, Graduation, Lottery, Retirement, Vacation, Wedding, Other.

 Death  Lois Irene Petersen, mother of Judy Western Miller
 Posted by: Tim Dorr


 Death  Carole Morris Surfaces husband Don, passed away on
 Posted by: Tim Dorr


 Death  Charlie Barlow's mother Evelyn died on January 28,
 Posted by: Tim Dorr


 Death  Karen Klapmeyer Minter-Smithart's husband, Erlee,
 Posted by: Tim Dorr


 Death  Jack Mallon 8/19/2010
 Posted by: Jack Lobdell


 Death  The January 2, 2011 KC Star posted the obituary of
 Posted by: Tim Dorr


 Death  Barbara Wehrle Newell passed on in Medford, Oregon
 Posted by: Carolyn Chiles Wade




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at this time.


Paseo Trivia Quiz

1. What was the name of the Paseo Pirate?

2. Name the two drive-ins that students drove back and forth from 47th to 63rd & the Paseo.

3. Name the physical education teacher who left $1 million to JCCC in 1995 to be used for physical education scholarships.

4. Name the dance where the gals asked the boys to attend.

5. Name two Paseo principals.

6. Name two Vice Principals of traffic squad and discipline.

7. Name long serving guadnce counselors and office staff.

8. Who is the art teacher who, until a few years ago, participated in local art fairs?

9. Name the dairy at 57th & Troost.

10. What was the official address of the school?

11. Name two drive-ins in the Plaza area.

12. What was the swimming attire for the boys?

13. Name the Paseo newspaper.

14. Where we most graduation ceremonies held?

15. Name the school colors.

16. Complete this line: "On her hill Paseo towers, ..."

17. From the street in front of Paseo High, what is in the median between the stairs leading down to Paseo Blvd.?

18. What was the subject of the mosaic in the front hall of the school?

19. What 1949 graduate was awarded a posthumous Congressional Medal of Honor for his service in the Korean War?

20. What was the name of the amusement park at 75th & Prospect?

21. Name the waterway just north of Paseo High School.

22. Kansas City has the only museum in the world devoted to what war?

23. Name the next three words in the following cheer: "Stand up, sit down, _ _ _."

24. Why was the concrete poured over the Paseo rocks in 1956?

25. Name of the shopping center that opend at 63d between Paseo & Troost when some of us were in high school.

26. What was the name of the ballroom turned roller skating rink at 31st & Gillham Plaza?

27. What was the name of the ballroom turned skating rink turned bowling alley at Linwood & Main?

28. What was the name of the drug store at 12th & Main?

29. 1935 Paseo graduate Gail Shikles was known as ____ _____ in a hit TV series in the 60s? (Bonus point for knowing the stage name of this actor)

30. What Paseo alums returned to teach at Paseo?

31. What was the school motto?

32. Name the original faculty members from the time Paseo was opened who continued to teach when we were students.

Answers to all trivia questions are posted below. Hope you had fun looking back at the "olde" days.

Trivia Answers
1. Jym 2. Max's & Allen's 3. Nell Mitchell 4. Sadie Hawkins 5. Stigall, Bond & Marshall 6. Morris & Curtis 7. Rose McMaster, Ruth Norris, Neva Christine 8. John Coleman 9. Country Club Dairy 10. 4747 Flora 11. Sydney's & Winstead's 12. Nothing (we were skinny dipping) 13. Paseo Press 14. Municipal Auditorium 15. Red, black & gold 16. Fair and strong and high 17. PASEO rocks 18. Pirate Ship 19. Chevy Impala 20. Fairyland Park 21. Brush Creek 22. WWI Liberty Memorial 23. Fight, fight, fight 24. To keep classes from changing what they say (1956 changed to the year) 25. The Landing 26. El Torreon 27. Pla-Mor 28. Katz 29. Peter Gunn (extra points for Craig Stevens) 30. Bill Ross, Mike Montgall, Martha Lappin, Art Davis, Janice Cowan 31. Remember Who You Are 32. Blase, Constant, Franklin, Minckemeyer, Reber, Swinney, Weeks, Wulfekammer
Missing Classmates
It you scroll up to the Class Directory box on the right, you will see that there are many classmates that are still considered missing. If by chance you are aware of the current location of any of those listed, please notify the committee by sending an email with full details to [email protected]
Deceased Classmates
We also have 65 classmates listed as deceased. Unfortunately we are missing information for many about their DOD or details of their life that would be found in an obituary. If you have a copy of an obituary for any, or know the date of their passing, would you send that information to the [email protected] email account?
Keep Us Posted
And if you move or change your email account, please help us keep our Class Roster updated. Just sign in to this website and enter your new address, phone number and/or email address, so you remain in the located category. While we will predominately use this website and email to keep you posted on Class of 1960 activities, you never know when we might resort to snail mail.

The following was published in the KC Star on September 1, 2017:

This man’s 47 years on Chiefs’ sideline: Broken ribs, near-brawl with Warren Sapp


SEPTEMBER 01, 2017 3:31 PM

A man you’ve never heard of but whose work you’ve almost certainly seen is here to tell you about the time he almost got into a fistfight with Warren Sapp in front of 70,000 people, and many more watching on television.

“He started it,” Ken Bradshaw says. Bradshaw is 75 years old, and his straight face tells you he is not joking.

Bradshaw and his wife raised five kids, and much of the rest of his life has revolved around sports. Sold sports equipment, reffed high school and college games, scouted for the Phillies.

He started in 1970, for $15 per game, which means he’s been on the chain crew longer than Arrowhead Stadium has existed.

He’s worked the sideline with every Chiefs coach in history, from Hank Stram to Andy Reid, 47 years in the middle of the weekly chaos. He was the longest-tenured employee on the field in Chiefs history. He has been with the team long enough that quite literally everything around him changed but the chain he held, close enough to dog-cuss a future Hall of Fame lineman.

“I’ll tell you what happened,” he said.

Bradshaw and his crew were coming onto the field for a measurement. Players are supposed to stay back, in part to make the process quicker, in part to not influence, and in part so the cameras can zoom in on the drama.

Well, Sapp wasn’t staying back. And Bradshaw — at least in his telling of the story — politely but directly asked the 6-foot-2, 300-pound man to move.

“He jumped my ass,” Bradshaw said. “It was, ‘Oh, you’re getting paid to do this, shut up and do your job.’ So I turned around.”

Bradshaw pauses. He’s told this story before. It’s a good one.

“I said, ‘I don’t need to hear from a fat (expletive) like you,’” he said.

That’s when Sapp got nose to nose to Bradshaw, or at least nose to facemask. Hard to tell who was cussing the other worse.

“I was scared out of my mind,” said Kenny, Ken’s son, who was working the sideline that day, too. “I’m standing behind him thinking, ‘What do I do if Warren Sapp hits my dad?’”

Kenny likes to tell people he always assumed his dad would die on the sideline, and that he’d have to finish the game, because that’s what he’d want. He meant that his dad would never give it up, and work himself to exhaustion, but as it turns out the closest he ever came might’ve been seeing if one of the game’s best and meanest linemen would take a swing.

“Yeah,” Ken said, pointing to his own cheek. “But if he hits me, I’ve got a nice lawsuit.”

This will be the first Chiefs season since 1969 without Bradshaw on the sideline. Kenny will be working his 18th year on the sidelines, so the family will still be represented at Arrowhead, but it won’t be the same. Can’t be the same. He’s done, having quit after last season, time finally catching up but the memories living on.

“I’ve enjoyed every moment of it,” he said, and presumably he even means that time Bennie Thompson cracked seven of his ribs with a blindside hit.

That’s a good story, too, and we’ll get to it soon. But first, it’s impossible to overstate how much Bradshaw loves the Chiefs. Some of his life’s favorite memories are from games — some of his life’s least favorite, too, but you know how that goes — and he talks about the team in the first person.

He is still not quite over the Christmas Day game in 1971, and don’t get him started on Steve Bono.

“He was salty on the sidelines, I do remember that,” said former Chief Tim Grunhard. “He’d run out with the chain and be pumping his fists if we got the first down, and it was like, ‘Is that legal?’ I’m sure the other team was like, ‘What the hell?’ He was a staple of those teams, always there, part of the team, the good times and the bad times.”

Oh, yes, Bradshaw has seen some stuff. He remembers the awkward way a football field crammed into Municipal Stadium, and games where they only needed one ball. Now, each team brings its own, and the kickers use a different one that even has its own ball boy.

Bradshaw used to referee all the Chiefs’ practices, so he got to know all of the players well. Guys were fined for penalties in practices — just $5 a pop, but that adds up over a full season — so he heard plenty from players who thought he was in their pocket.

Once, after too many fumbles against the Seahawks, Marty Schottenheimer came up with what he called The Seattle Rule. Whoever had the ball last had to hand it to the official, or they’d be fined. Some of them would forget, and Bradshaw would try to politely remind them, under his breath, so Schottenheimer wouldn’t notice. He really was a good fan.

Bradshaw thinks Stram was the Chiefs’ best coach, because of the Super Bowl, and that Schottenheimer was his favorite, because, well, for a lot of reasons.

Schottenheimer was the best at coaching all phases, not like Dick Vermeil, who was only interested in offense and hardly said anything during practice. But some of it was personal, too. Schottenheimer treated Bradshaw well, joked with him, and Bradshaw always appreciated that.

Bradshaw remembers assistant coach Joe Spencer playing a joke on the notoriously hot-headed Marv Levy, waiting for a lull in the action to walk behind the head coach and invent some slight on the field, watching and laughing as Levy threw his hat and cussed the officials.

Bradshaw remembers the Chiefs’ Deron Cherry — a college punter, by the way — kicking a ball so high he believes it’s still stuck in the team’s indoor practice facility. Speaking of punters, Bradshaw remembers one getting a burst of helium into a ball, and punting it so high and so far the officials knew something was up.

He’s been on the sideline when a chain broke, and when the down-marker box broke (he threw it away in trying to avoid a collision). He’s cursed missed field goals, and he’s cheered sacks, always at least trying to keep a straight face.

The basics of Bradshaw’s old job — a steel chain measuring exactly 10 yards to determine first downs — haven’t changed much.

But everything else has. The players are faster, the equipment better, the coaches privy to so much more technology. Bradshaw started working the sidelines when games were rarely broadcast on television. Now they’re all on TV, many nationally and internationally, in high-definition and in different languages.

Even the fields are different — stadiums bigger, goal posts moved back, new playing surfaces. Television tries to approximate Bradshaw’s job with that yellow line.

Bradshaw remembers a football trade show where a man had a way to embed technology into a ball to automatically determine whether a first down was earned. He guesses that was 40 years ago. But the old way of that steel chain has never changed, thanks to some combination of tradition and the league enjoying the drama of a close measurement.

There are a few dirty little secrets about Bradshaw’s line of work. The first is that nothing a chain crew does is exact. It’s all subject to human error and estimation, from where the chains are placed to where the 5-yard clip is hooked on the chain to where the referee spots the ball.

In recent years, officials have grown more brazen in those spots, too. Particularly outside of two-minute drills, they’ll routinely move a ball a half-yard or more to line it up on a yard line. That makes a potential measurement easier, and often unnecessary. Speeds up the game, too, though Bradshaw thinks this is a sign of laziness from the referees.

None of that is Bradshaw’s worry anymore, though, and he’ll be safer now, too. No more potential collisions on every snap.

And now it’s time for that Bennie Thompson story.

“I liked Bennie,” Bradshaw said. “But he was the craziest sumbitch I ever knew in my life.”

It happened during one of those practices Bradshaw used to referee, and he still has tape of the play at home. Forty-three lead. It was a handoff to one side, a run between the guard and tackle. Thompson didn’t have run coverage on the play, but that hardly mattered.

The play came toward Bradshaw, which would’ve been fine, except Thompson burst up from his safety position for the kind of flying-hero tackle that’s by now long since prohibited. He never made it to the ball carrier, though, because his head speared into Bradshaw’s back.

Seven ribs, cracked.

“I couldn’t hardly breathe,” Bradshaw said. “I was crawling out of there. Kind of hurt my feelings that nobody cared.”

Bradshaw guesses the trainers didn’t see it. The collision happened toward the end of practice, and a lot of times they’re packing up by then. The pain was bad enough that he missed missed two weeks and wore pads when he came back ... and none of this is the takeaway from Thompson’s blindside hit.

Because those are the only two games Bradshaw missed in 47 years.

When the Chiefs’ players and coaches heard what happened, they sent him a card.

Schottenheimer signed it: Get back to work.

“I told you I always liked him,” Bradshaw said as he told the story. “I liked them all. Every minute. I’m going to miss it.”



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