12th Anniversary

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Memorial Sponsorships

You may wish to honor a
Family Member, a Soldier, a Teacher, or School Staff Member
through a Memorial Sponsorship of a Class Reunion Website.
A 5 year Memorial Sponsorship would normally require a $900 contribution.
This offer is only $720 (USD) for a full 5 years.
That is a 20% discount which equals 1 year free.

Sample Memorial Block (Use your imagination.)
In loving memory of
Christine Shepard
by Roy and Ginger Shepard
Christine's Parents
Memorial Blocks may contain up to 4 lines.
If student name is included, it can be linked to their personal profile.
You may also include a link to another site such as online obituary or guest book.
You may wish to post a link to one of the many online Memorial Websites such as

We also offer a 10 year Memorial Sponsorship
You will receive up to 12 lines for your memorial message.
A 10 year sponsorship is $1260 (USD). This is a 20% discount. 3 years free.
Plus you are getting 3 times the space for your memorial message.
In Fondest Memory of
SSgt. LeRoy Dunham

101st Infantry

LeRoy served his country
with pride honoring his
parents, his wife and
his children.

Please visit LeRoy's

Memorial Website

To setup a 5 or 10 year Memorial Sponsorship
Please contact:

[email protected]

You may send your contribution via PayPal to:
[email protected]

or your personal check is welcome at:
2704 S Sioux Ave
Independence, MO 64057