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Friday April 27, 2018

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Event Announcement!

2019 Retiree Health Care Transition - Stipened Lev

Sunday,  April  29,  2018

Chart attached on link  

The latest information concerning the transition to a new retiree health care plan for 2019 is included below. Please check back for updates throughout 2018. Information can also be found on the OP&F News Items link and in the Members Report newsletters.

In the spring of 2017 the OP&F Board of Trustees made the decision to restructure the retiree health care plan, ending the group-sponsored model that was in place for several years. A new model is currently scheduled to be implemented on Jan. 1, 2019, and will provide eligible retirees with a fixed monthly stipend earmarked to pay for health care. OP&F, through its partner, Aon, will assist in finding the right plan for each retiree. It is OP&Fs goal that the move to a new health care option will extend available funding for health care to approximately 15 years. Current projections show that without changes, funding for retiree health care will be depleted in less than 10 years.

OP&F has confirmed the monthly stipend amounts for eligible members participating in the retiree health care plan in 2019. A chart with the monthly stipends is posted on the 2019 Health Care Transition page on OP&Fs website. The OP&F Board of Trustees unanimously approved the implementation date and framework for a new health care model during its meeting Tuesday, March 27. Participating members with work directly with OP&Fs health care partner, Aon, to use the monthly stipend amount to select a health care plan that best fits the specific needs of their family.

Brad Note:

As of this morning 4APR2018, I understand every soul will be contacted by AON to help you select your care plan which you will apply your stipend. I am still hoping for eye ball contact. An individual AON contact is the next best thing. If you are computer savvy I understand you will be able to do your business online.

Please understand, the Stipend will be applied to the Health Insurance product(s) you chose with AON. We do not have any of those open enrollment numbers available. As predicted, our members over 65 years old in the medicare range may not be effected. Members (non-medicare) will be most effected by the plan they choose.

Patience is appreciated as the process progresses.

More Information: Click To Open

Hiring Retireed Firefighers, Dayton Art Institute

Monday,  April  30,  2018

Retired Public Safety Personnel. The Dayton Art Institute has its own internal security and are in teh process of hiring more part-time officers and some full-time. They have a number of retired firefighters and low enforcement personnel. Seasoned souls bringing a lifetime of public servicew and emergency awareness.

Current folks working there: David Harker, John Freed, Bobby Brown, and Rod Longpre'

If interested in exploring the possibility of part-time employment at the Dayton Art Institute, please contact Charles Wiltrout @: 937-223-5277

More Information: Click To Open

Event Contact: Charles Wiltrout 937-223-5277

International Motorcycle Rally that is being held

Saturday,  May  5,  2018

Kamloops, BC  

Sisters & Brothers...

As you know, our 2018 On-Line Rally Registration opened yesterday.... On our 1st day of registration we had 82 IAFFMG Members register...

As a reminder, the 1st 100 riders that register between April 12th and May 5th 2018 will be entered to win a $500.00 Harley-Davidson Gift Card... So save the date[s] and register early to enter our 2018 Rally Drawing. Winner will be announced on August 15th, 2018 during our Rally Closing Reception. Looking forward to seeing you at the Rally. So with that said, there is still time and 18 spots left to get in on this drawing. So Register for the Rally as soo as possible.

Rally On-Line Registration Information:

The IAFF-MG is in the final stages of planning for our 2018 International Motorcycle Rally that is being help in Kamloops, BC August 12th - 16th, 2018. To register for the IAFF-MG's 2018 Rally please cliick on the approproate link below"

As a reminder, if you have not paid your 2018 dues you can also do so on-line or by call Deb Gray at [202] 737-8484.

Ride Safe - Your IAFF-MG Committee

Event Contact: Deb Gray at [202] 737-8484

Retiree's Luncheon, Active and Friends Welcome ***

Wednesday,  May  16,  2018  -  11:00 am

The Milton Club 640 Cosler Dr Dayton, OH 45403  

Food and Drink Available for purchase  

Lunch open to anyone retired, active or associated with Dayton Fire Department and surrounding areas... sort of a AMAR lunch?


Event Contact: Jim Dunham

Scholarship, Dayton Firefighters Federal Credit Un

Thursday,  May  31,  2018  -  11:55 pm

Community Announcement: The Dayton Firefighter's Federal Credit Union is offering $1000 college scholarships. See details below and the attachment for qualifications and deadlines.

open to anyone that lives, works, worships or attends school in Montgomery County, Miami County or Greene County, Ohio

More Information: Click To Open

occupational cancer to be covered presumptively

Friday,  June  1,  2018

Brothers and Sisters,

On January 4th of last year, Ohio passed the Michael Louis Palumbo Jr Act allowing occupational cancer to be covered presumptively by workers' compensation. In that time, 40 claims have been filed under the law. Of the 40 claims filed, there are 18 claims in the "allow/appeal" status, and 13 in the "deny/appeal" status. All of these claims are still waiting final adjudication through the Industrial Commission hearing process and may ultimately be allowed.

It is a positive sign that BWC is allowing these claims and working with us on a variety of related topics, even though it may be disheartening to see that employers are appealing. We remain confident that these claims will be allowed after appeal when they are presented to an Industrial Commission Hearing Officer.

This should serve as a good reminder for fire fighters with a cancer diagnosis to file for benefits under the Palumbo Act. The law allows for cancer that is related to our occupational exposure to be eligible for benefits. By filing, affected fire fighters can protect their hard-earned rights and benefits to help themselves and their families.

Stay Safe, Stay United, Stay Informed.

Michael P. Taylor
OAPFF President

OP&F Board approves new health care model for 201

Tuesday,  January  1,  2019

OP&F Board approves new health care model for 2019 implementation
The Ohio Police & Fire Pension Fund (OP&F) has announced plans for a new retiree health care model that is expected to extend funding for health care for up to 15 years.

Beginning Jan. 1, 2019, OP&F will no longer sponsor a self-funded health care plan for retirees and will offer a fixed stipend to eligible members to be used for medical and health care needs. The OP&F Board of Trustees approved the decision unanimously at its March 29 meeting.

"While beginning in 2019 we will no longer sponsor a self-funded health care program, we are still committed to assisting members find an appropriate health care plan, and assisting financially also," said OP&F executive director John Gallagher.

No details of the new health care strategy were approved, but OP&F staff and consultants will be working to provide the Board with options in the coming months. The stipend amount is also to be determined. OP&F has committed to assisting retired members with finding an appropriate health care plan for both Medicare-eligible and non-Medicare populations.

OP&F has sponsored a self-funded retiree health care plan since 1974. Significant changes were first needed in 2003 to preserve the health care fund and several adjustments since then have preserved the plan, which has become more expensive for both retirees and the retirement system. In 2016, OP&F's total health care costs were $223 million.

Both actuarial and health care consultants delivered presentations to the Board that showed that without significant changes that funding for health care would be exhausted in approximately seven to nine years.

"Even with these significant changes, current trends in health care and prescription drug costs, health care support beyond a 15-year projection may not be possible without a new income stream," said Gallagher. "The OP&F Board, staff and our outside partners are all dedicated to searching for that funding source to assist future generations of retirees with their health care needs."

More Information: Click To Open


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IAFF Motorcycle Group Ohio Chapter
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Brad Nickels

Officially Retired 16DEC2014, the days were long but the years were short.
After a stent in the Army, blind-luck or divine-intervention I had a career.
With all intents and purpose I intended on getting a degree and making a career of the Army and then life happened.

1982-1983 Prison Guard at City Work House
1983-1986 Paramedic DFD
1986-1989 Crash Rescue Dayton Int'l Airport
1990-2014 Firefighter DFD

It is time to switch our attention to the young men and women taking our place and keep them healthy, strong, and appropriately compensated.

Stay Safe, be healthy!


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 Death   ENGLAND, Robert L. "Bob" Age 79, of Miami Townsh
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 Death  Former Fire Director Herbert Redden passed away la
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 Death  Carl (Tom) CORY 1923 - 2015 News Death Notice C
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 Retirement  Stan Martin, 29JUN14
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