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2019 is 40 years!

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Madeline Adam

Jim Albertson

Jennifer Anderson

Steven Art

Kathleen Atkinson

Amanda Atwood

Terri Austin

Jon Barber

Robbin Barnhill

Brad Barr

Kimberly Barton

Lynn Bauer

Vincent Bauman

Russell Beardall

Marla Beasley

Janice Beatty

Samuel Bell

Walter Bell

David Benton

Irene Bidlingmaier

James Bird

Elizabeth Blanchard

William Boehm

Kelly Bowers

Charity Bradford

Hope Bradford

Richard Bradshaw

Becky Braughton [Tenney]

Tracie Breneman

Kathleen Brenneis

Shawn Brey

Kathryn Brown

Michael Brown

Karla Bunch

Mark Calkins

Cynthia Campbell

Pam Carnell

Michelle Carper

Craig Carter

Marko Chew

Cheryl Cincetti

Christine Clapper

Sherri Clark

Cheryl Collette

Gary Conley

Dana Cooley

Kimberly Cooper

James Cooperider

Kelly Cornell

Cheryl Cox

Sharon Coy

Frank Crabtree

Rod Crainshaw

Glenn Crawford

Susan Crim

David Darling

Vincent Darling

Diana Davis

Greg Davis

Karen Davis

Lisa Day

Timothy Deegan

Keith Derks

Edward Dixon

Gary Dixon

Jodi Dostal

Chris Dowell

Sherri Downing

Amy Drake

Karen Dunbar

Elizabeth Dyer

Dixie Edwards

Todd Elder

Margo Esson

Edward Eubanks

David Farney

Keith Feinberg

Scott Fiscus

Cynthia Fitzgerald

Mike Flenker

Kurt Flinn

Mark Forness

Richard Fox

Eddie Francis

Jim Frauen

James French

Stuart Frerking

Marla Fuller

Stephen Gaines

Scott Gariety

Mark Geenens

Chris Gerlach

Cynthia Gilbert

Melanie Gilbert

Rusty Gillihan

Vance Glenn

Bret Goodson

David Graham

Tina Gray

John Green

Ronda Greenhalgh

Rhonda Groshong

Kenneth Groves

Jeffrey Guth

Kenneth Gwinn

Kim Hahlen

Gregory Hall

Richard Hall

Stephen Hall

Rick Halstead

Melissa Haney

Joanne Harris

Bob Hartman

Spencer Haskins

Jay Hastings

Bradley Hedrick

Gwen Hemer

Elisabeth Henriksson

Robert Herrington

Mark Hester

Phylis Hevener

Yvonne Hiebert

Kevin Hill

McKayla Hinkle

Lyn Hollingshead

Kelly Holthaus

Steven Hommfill

Tharon Howard

Margaret Hrncir

Randall Hunke

Sharon Imhoff

Deborah Jamison

Cherie Jenner

David Johnson

Nita Johnson

Sonya Johnson

Susan Jones

Mark Kappler

Jan Kennedy

Mark Kent

Ron Ketner

Mary Killeen

Bryan King

Lynn King

Catherine Kinsey

Kerrie Kirk

Janet Kniffen

Ingrid Knudsen

Susan Kolb

Melissa Krier

Gustave Kropff

Kelly Kuhlman

Penny Ladner

Deborah Lamons

Winter Lane

Helen Langdon

Peter Laprad

Zurine Larrea

Kurt Larson

Brigitte Leduc

Timothy Leffert

Dawn Lemos

Deborah Levitt

Kathryn Lewis

Pamela Lewis

Sam Lima

Susan Lin

Sandra Long

George Mahoney

Suzanne Malone

Denise Manke

Bryan Mann

Terri Markham

Jeffrey Mason

James Mathis

John Mauer

Cathie Maxwell

Cynthia May

Eric Maze

Karen McClellan

Kevin McClure

James McDermott

Glenda McGhee

Michael McGrath

Eva McKinley

James McLaughlin

Kevin Mebust

Maureen Melcher

Lisa Merrill

Linda Merriman

Joan Meyer

Bruce Miller

Michelle Miller

Pamela Mock

Kenny Monroy

Robin Moon

David Moore

Nina Morford

Ruth Morford

Robert Morris

Mark Morrison

Raymond Morrison

Kim Moss

Paul Mulholland

Joseph Multhauf

David Murphy

Dianne Murphy

Bobby Myers

Mark Myers

Robin Myrick

Anjoo Nachani

Cheryl Nealey

Terry Nelson

Martha Newton

Paul Nickel

Bruce Olson

Jeanne Oney

Joan O'Donnell

Heidi Orloff

Jannet Orrison

Roger Oswald

Lisa Otto

Deon Parker

Viveca Parrish

Lynne Pennington

Carol Pfitzner

Patricia Pflumm

Douglas Pickering

Todd Pirlot

Van Pricer

Kimberly Prieb

Steven Prince

Mark Privitera

Tracy Pruitt

Dean Rasdall

Lawrence Ray

Toni Ray

Cheryl Remy

Steven Rendek

Louis Rhodes

Debra Rice

Bryan Riggs

Todd Risjord

Charles Rist

Jeff Roberts

Victoria Robertson

Robin Rogers

Laurie Roman

Peter Rooney

David Root

Mark Rose

Elizabeth Rothrock

David Rousselo

Katherine Royal

Peggy Rues

Douglas Ruffalo

Tracy Russell

Kathy Rustay

Michael Sachs

Christine Sachsenmaier

Karen Sanders

Cathy Saraniero

Colleen Scheiterle

Steve Schile

Bonnie Schmitz

Jim Schonian

Steven Schraeder

Jennifer Schwarz

Terry Seiter

Ann Semrad

Dana Shenkenberg

Dean Shepard

Jo Lynn Shipley

Mark Shirley

Pamela Shoemaker

Mary Shriver

Linda Sieron

Larry Slemp

David Smith

Mark Snell

Stayce Snook

Esther Soter

Christopher Spann

Timothy Speed

Kathy Spigler

Linda Sponseller

Kip Springer

Edwinn Stamm

Sally Stephenson

Beth Strandt

Edward Strass

Paul Stuckey

William Swarner

Kent Swearingen

Bobby Taggart

Chris Tatman

Lori Tawney

Robert Taylor

Susan Taylor

Mark Tesch

Matt Thurman

Lawreace Tinder

Chip Toft

Doug Toft

Cathey Toomay

Bill Totton

Trung Duc Tran

Susan Trouba

Louis Vaca

Jeffery Valverde

James VanHercke

Amiel VanKemseke

Cathleen Veitch

Rod Vinson

Brian Wagner

Ralph Walter

Julie Warren

Todd Warriner

Adam Wells

Adam Wenker

Fred Werren

Scott Wessol

Phillip West

Lori Westerman

Mark Wheeler

Brian Whitten

Brad Wilhelm

Mary Willhite

Tim Wilson

Andrea Winter

Susan Wireman

Kim Witterstaeter

Jeanette Woods

Jeffrey Wright

Holly Zingsheim

Paula Zoller
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  A SMNW Artifact Todd Earnshaw

  If anyone is interested in a SMNW artifa

Sat 7/28/2018 3:42 PM

  Your help is needed. Cheryl Maurer Smith

  I work for a non-profit homeless shelter

Mon 9/28/2009 1:10 AM

  Happy Birthday to all the September babies!!! Janice Fowler Culbertson

  I started out trying to wish individual

Sat 9/19/2009 10:07 PM

  Karen Pepperman Fernandez Karen Pepperman

  No I'm not missing I'm just in Georgia

Thu 6/25/2009 9:30 PM

  Hey Sara! Tammy McClendon Barrett

  Of coarse I remember you! :) So glad yo

Wed 6/3/2009 12:21 PM

  Kerry O. Frazier ? Roger Hunt

  Hey son nice Bio! The hair thing I could

Sun 3/1/2009 10:16 AM


Today's Featured Biography


Robert Rodak

Where to start? I guess I finally grew up. I'll stick to my personal life and note my career under the "work" section on this site. I'm happily married to a beautiful woman named Debbi. She is my soulmate and fits me to a T. We have three wonderful kids, Philip, Ashley and Sarah. I started late in life with the kids and I'm very happy I did. I've gotten the wild life out of my system and am now concentrating on the important things. My children are my life and my reason for doing everything that I do.

I have hobbies but my passion and is the restoration and research of the 1894 Queen Anne Victorian Mansion that we bought in 1999. The house is undoubtedly the grandest home in Emporia, KS. It has stained glass windows in every room (except the servants areas), 8 carved fireplaces and a beautiful grand staircase. (When we bought it, it had 16 full baths. We've since removed about 8) Unfortunately, the house was boarded up for six years before we bought it and was in really bad shape. We've made a lot of progress but still have a long way to go. My dream is to take 21st century technology and hide it into a 19th century house. We have computer controlled lighting and outlets. We plan on having drapes that open and close automatically, whole house audio, zoned heating and air conditioning etc. My example scenario is that you turn on the TV, a hidden screen rolls down from the ceiling, the curtains automatically close and the lights dim. When the doorbell rings, the TV pauses, the closed circuit camera shows the person at the door on the TV screen, and you pick up the phone and talk to them. You push a couple more buttons on the phone, the front door unlocks and you tell them to come up to the family room. We are a long way from this point but have made good progress and will get there. We have built a website showing the history of the house and the restoration progress. If you're interested, you can see it at If you're driving down I-35, get off on the 50 Hwy exit and head West. Drop in. We'd love to show the house to you and see you again.

One last thing we do. Since I proposed to Debbi in a haunted house, dressed in full Dracula costume, at the stroke of Midnight on Halloween, it is only natural that we go overboard on decorating our "haunted house" every Halloween. We regularly have 300-400 trick-or-treaters each year. We do animaltronics and go for Hollywood quality props. We do a lot for Christmas too. Old fashioned Victorian decorations. We have been on the Historical Society's Holiday Homes Tour for the last two years. I have plenty of lights that I have not put up until the the outside is finished being painted. The house will resemble the Plaza at Christmas with all it's curves, angles and dormers.

Before I run out of space, professionally, I am President of a company, that I own, called Biomed Plus Inc. We do all the maintenance on the medical at the two local hospitals, a couple of surgery centers, doctor's offices and for the Emporia State University Athletics dept. I would like to pursuade the Chiefs to let us do their equipment just so I can say that we do it. Biomed Plus employs 3 full-time and one part-time employee.

I am Managing Member, and owner, of Whispering Oaks Apartments LLC. We own about a dozen apartment buildings here in Emporia. We basically buy run down apartments and gut them for a total restoration. We have 4 full-time employees and random other part-time employees.

I am starting a new business called Midwest Foam & Coatings LLC. We spray polyurethane foam insulation. If you're concerned about your high utility bills, you would do well to look into it. It is almost a miracle compared to fiberglass insulation. It is expensive but well worth it.
I am a member of the Chamber of Commerce, a board member of the Lyon County Historical Society, a graduate of Leadership Emporia and probably some other stuff that I forgot.

All in all, most of this stuff feels unimportant to me but is what I feel that I am supposed to write about. My family is what I am really all about.

I guess that is all until I come up with more lies to tell! (smile)

I have an Associates of Science in Biomedical Engineering from Johnson County Community College and a Bachlors in Business Administration from Baker University. School has taken me so far and perseverance has taken me the rest of the way.

I am President of my own my own medical electronics repair corporation called Biomed Plus, Inc. I have four employees, including myself. I also have an LLC for my rental properties called Whispering Oaks Apartments, LLC. We have 3 apartment buildings and 4 houses, plus the "big house" talked about in the "life" section of this website. Between Biomed Plus, Whispering Oaks, restoring The Cross House, running a website and taking time out for my family, I keep VERY busy!
(2008) As if I wasn't busy enough, I am now starting another business called Midwest Foam and Coatings LLC.

I have never served in the military. I tried to enter the Air Force before college but when I was asked if I had ever smoked pot, I said yes. They told me goodbye. I'm SO GLAD that I answered truthfully. The road I was sent down was MUCH BETTER! Also, I don't smoke dope anymore.

My websites:


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 Death  It's with a sad heart that I report the death of T
 Posted by: Robert Rodak


 Other  Our youngest son Alec is raising money to go to th
 Posted by: James Smith


 Death  Karl Wayne Johnson, 46, Shawnee, Kansas, passed aw
 Posted by: Janice Fowler


 Death  Linda Campbell McClanahan Original post from Li
 Posted by: Janice Fowler




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