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10th Anniversary!
AHS Ashland High School
Ashland, OR  USA
Saturday December 20, 2014

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Class Administrator: Class of '61' Administrator
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Stay Tuned to This Space for Reunion Details!
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Class News


Reunion Information

Our 50th Class Reunion is coming up in 2011. Here's what we have tentatively planned.






Saturday, July 2

Eagle Point Country Club

Golf, BBQ, Dancing

July 3

Sid DeBoer's Home

Decorate Float for parade


July 4


Participate with custom float in Ashland's great 4th parade - theme 1950s and 60s

Remember the "All Class Reunion" Day.

Every year, it is the last Saturday of July.

A coffee gathering in the Ashland High School Quad at 10:00 am and Buffet in the evening.

The All Class Reunion information will be confirmed and posted in the Reunion Section. The cost and location of the buffet will be announced there also.

Register with Gary Bowles.

If this is your first visit, register per the instructions below. Update your profile information also.

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Home Page Table of Contents

On the home page, I have colored various sections to help you locate instructions. I will put up 2 colors which will be the background color and the border color, like this one is Yellow/Orange.

1. Blue/blue is general assistance via an Email request. Just below it is the link to classmate stories.

2. Gold/Bronze is how to post to various forums.

3. White/Violet is instructions on posting pictures, slideshows and Movies.

4. Green/Green is general site information.             

5. White/Blue is how to register and update your profile.

6. Violet/Violet is Search instructions and Picture links.

7. Red/Red is Other Class Activites.

Welcome to the Home Page of the Ashland High School Grizzlys, Class of 1961! Look up old friends, or just browse... Come on in and leave a message on your Message Board... Click on the Just came to say Hello link and send an Email from there... I hope you enjoy your visit... Thanks for coming...

Under Construction

This site will always be under construction!
Check back often for Up-dates and Class Reunion information.

On this site, you have many things that you can post directly into. You can post just anything on your profile. The exceptions are listed below for first what you can do. In the right column there are 3 things that you can post to if you have logged on, Recent Reviews, Recommended Recipes and Prayer Requests. In the left column there is Our Class Message Board. I recommend that you type the message you want to post into a word processor first and then after you have spell checked it, The copy it to the clipboard and paste it into the location you have selected. This is true of the profile also. On the profile, you can answer all the questions listed but remember that these postings will be shown to the public at large. You have to have the administrator or assistant post the Yearbook and Now picture on the Profile. On the Home Page the administrator must do the posting to The Calendar, Family News Summary, Reunion Announcement area and Featured Links. If you have a movie, slide show or an album of pictures that you would like to show, your can post those on your Profile page. If it is worthy of the Home Page, contact the Administrator and the information can be moved from your site to the Home Page. I also have the ability to make links to some profiles from the Home Page. For help or assistance, make selection below.
For help or assistance, make selection below.


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Stories the Alumni Members have written.

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Featured Links

Just to the right are some links to various Class Sites. Please check out these sites by clicking on the link name.
There are sections that you can post in just below the Featured Links. Please feel free to use them. Do not forget about the Class Message Board and the Family News Summary sections. You can post entries there also.

Instructions to post Pictures, Slideshows and Videos on your Profile.

Photobucket Placing pictures or even a slideshow of your pictures is something that you can do on your Profile.

For pictures, you will want to make a photo album and use the services of or the other providers of these types of services.

For Slides, you need to go through or for the making of a slideshow. They are download sites that will make the slideshow for you. You download the pictures, order them the way you want them to be shown and you can even select background music.

Once this is done, they provide the HTML coding to be placed on the profile. I would open a text editor like Notepad to save the HTML coding there first as you do not want to loose this. It is the access to those pictures. Then post the code to the Profile in the Slideshow section provided.

I use Windows Movie Maker and download what I made to where they make the video and store it for you. They, also, give you the HTML code that you insert into your profile page.

If you are planning on taking on this type of project and feel uneasy in doing such, select the green Assistance button in the blue box above and drop me a line.

Our Class Message Board

Your participation is requested!
We would like to hear from you. Post your messages here.

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  Message from Linda Barker Monroe

  Deceased classmates: Forrest Farmer Do

Wed 7/28/2010 11:21 PM

  1961 deceased classmates: Linda Barker Monroe

  Deceased 1961 classmates: Forrest Farm

Wed 7/28/2010 11:19 PM


Today's Featured Biography


Linda Barker Monroe

I was born in Ashland, Oregon and started first grade at the NEW Briscoe School in 1949. I attended little tot dance classes in 1947 and kindergarten in 1948 at the old Pioneer Building across from the Lithia Park. My family, including my grandparents, attended the Ashland First Methodist Church where my parents were married and I was baptized as an infant. Dale Monroe's family attended this church also. Dale and I started dating after an MYF party in July of 1958 at the Felter's home. He was working at Claude Wright's Standard Station at the time. He started working when he was 8 years old selling newspapers on street corners. My folks owned the creamery across the street from the entrance to the Lithia Park playground. They sold the business and went into real estate. My family moved to Medford before my junior year in Ashland. I hated Medford High and wanted to move back to Ashland to be with the friends I grew up with. My mom said "just get married then and move back". I did and went back to Ashland High for my senior year. We were married on my grandpa’s birthday, August 28, 1960 in the Ashland First Methodist Church. My grandparents loved Dale too, Dale took Grandpa fishing. Our first son, Steve was born in Oct.1961, our second son, Bob was born in Feb.1963, our third son, Todd was born in Nov.1966 and our fourth son, Marc was born in April,1970 seven weeks after my dad, Ray Barker, passed away following his third open heart surgery in Portland, hence his name Marc Raymond. My dad had been a Jackson County Tax Appraiser and the Tax Assessor. Mom had her own real estate office, Oregon Southgate Real Estate. They also raised and showed Tennessee Walking horses. Mom was the Oregon State Ladies champion on year. Dad won often too. When dad was in the hospital waiting for his third surgery Dale was our official driver to horse shows, not his favorite pastime. Dale wasn't overly fond of the horses. I spent the first 16 years of our marriage as a domestic engineer and raising our boys. We left the Rogue Valley in 1969 when Dale took an office job with Oroweat Baking Company in Beaverton, Oregon. In 1972 they transferred us to Dallas, Texas where we lived for 6 years. I owned an Oroweat Thrift Store in Denton until I got my Texas Real Estate license at SMU. I was the Red Carpet salesperson of the month for November 1977. We decided that we wanted to move back to the northwest in 1978. We both got Oregon Real Estate licenses and worked in my mom's Medford real estate office for a couple of years. We then moved to Vancouver, Washington and worked for the Evergreen School District where Dale was the purchasing director and I was the secretary of Burton Elementary School for 8 years. That was really fun! Our buildings were next door to each other and he would come to the staff room for lunch with me quite often. We moved again and spent 20 years in Bellingham, Washington where Dale worked as the Director of Business Services for Western Washington University. He got his Master and Doctorate degrees during that time. We lived in several homes in Bellingham the last being a beautiful 3500 sq ft home overlooking Bellingham, Bellingham Bay, Lummi Island, the yacht club, and we could see night skiing on Grouse Mountain in Canada from our deck. I had retired during this time to take care of our youngest grandson so that Todd could go back to college for a teaching certificate for a career change. The kids all lived in the area and all came to the house monthly for family dinners and barbecues to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. Dale retired in 2007 but flunked retirement and didn't move back to Medford because the university kept giving him special projects until I went up and said it's time to move “home.” While Dale stayed in Bellingham living in our little house RV we bought, and I redecorated, a small one story house in Medford close to the doctors, dentists, and Rogue Valley hospital ~ planning ahead. Our criteria for a home was RV parking and room for our pool table, but small enough not to require a lot of maintenance. My mom lives about 10 minutes away. She does really well for 92+, but it’s good that we are here for her. I've had a variety of jobs over the years and retired three times. I owned an Oroweat Bread store in Denton, Texas, sold real estate in Texas and Oregon, worked as a car advertising photographer and real estate magazine photographer, was the sales rep for two Harmon Homes magazines in Northwest Washington, was an elementary school and Presbyterian Church secretary. As a hobby I video and photograph our trips, our kids and grandkids. When Todd was in Korea with the Air Force, he said, “Mom, you'd take a picture of a stop sign”. Actually, I did take a few shots of Korean stop signs when I went over to spend a couple of weeks with him in Seoul. We now have seven grandchildren, 4 boys and 3 girls. I've videoed weddings, including our oldest grandsons. When our grandson was married in Lynden, Washington, I put together a slide show of wedding photos and set up the video camera. I didn't stay in the balcony with the video camera because Caleb wanted to walk his Grammy and Papa down the aisle to our seats. We have great kids! We all lived in Bellingham until 2007 when we moved to Medford and Todd graduated with his teaching certificate and moved his wife Kim and family (Mandi, Jordan & Colton) to Great Falls, Montana. Our sons Marc and Bob, with Bob's daughter Jessica Rae, followed us down which is nice for us. Our son Steve, is a corporate trainer working on his PhD. Steve and his family are still in Washington. Steve married Christine Schalegar of Medford. Chris' father was the pastor at the Lutheran Church and married them. For retirement we are going to take up golf when we get time. Besides redecorating our house, we are very involved in the Ashland Methodist Church. Dale and I are on several committees, Dale is chairing a strategic planning committee and personnel committee and I'm the chair of the Board of Trustees. I also interview and video Veteran’s for the Veteran’s History Project at the Library of Congress in Washington DC. I do the interviews, for the most part, at the White City DOM. We enjoy fishing and traveling in our “little house” as our youngest grandson, Colton calls our 25’ Salem trailer that we pull with a van so that the kids can watch TV/videos on the road. It works great. We plug them into a movie with earphones and by the time the movie is over, it’s time for a pit stop. We had a 33 day trip from Medford, to Great Falls, to Bellingham recently. We took our two Montana grandsons on a trip fishing, visiting gold mines and train museums across Montana, Idaho and Washington. They had a great time but have a new respect for “full hook-ups” after a week of dry camping and fishing on the Missouri River in Montana, but we all are ready to go again anytime. Life is good!


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The contribution is only to give the Administrator some extra tools provided by This site can exist without these tools. Do not feel obligated in any way to contribute. Any Help would be appreciated though.

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To register, click the link below and find youself. If you are not listed, click to Add your name. Enter a password to keep people out of your private Profile information. The address and phone number will never be shown. You have the choice to show your city of residence and your Email address. Showing the Email address will provide a way for classmates to contact you, but that is your choice. The BIO will show to visitors of your page. Please enter something but remember that the world can see it. If you need help, see the Assistance section.

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In the red line at the top of this Home Page you will find some links to various sections on this site. The Class Directory will provide the access to the classmate pages. The Administrator addresses come up but are not part of the alphebetic list. You must select A through Z to find the classmate. Only information they feel they want to show is displayed.
As this is a site still under construction, not every class member has logged on. Spread the word that the site exists and also feel free to post in the various sections. If you have Class News, send it to the News link near the top and I will see that is posted.

Assistant Class Administrator.

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Below are or will be links to Slideshows & Pictures. They will be posted as they come available. If you have pictures you want to make into a Slideshow or have a Photobucket album for this area, contact the Class Administrator. Please enjoy.....

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Charles Wood

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On this Ashland Class of 1961 site:
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The site was established on 09/18/2008.
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"Great Site!!! Thank You!!!" 11/12/2014

"I like the website and I think the committee for our class did a wonderful job setting it up." 11/7/2014

"Thanks to your wonderful site, we had a truly great turnout for our Reunion! This site has been a terrific help!" 11/6/2014

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10th Anniversary!
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