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Sunday September 25, 2016


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12th Anniversary

"Your website has been awesome to work with. It made our reunion planning and execution much easier to handle." 6/24/2016

"I have been the co-chair of the reunion for many years and am just now coming across your site. I appreciate the time you have put into this and I am sure this will help our reunion to be very successful." 6/23/2016

"Thank you all so much! Coming up on our reunion, I continue to get many compliments from class members on the website. If they only knew who the real guru's behind it are. I truly couldn't get by without you and we appreciate all that you do for us." 6/20/2016

"I so appreciate and I extend my gratefulness for your efforts. Best regards and good wishes!" 6/13/2016

"I am most appreciative of the site and your support, which far exceeds anything else out there. Many thanks for what you all have done. We are well on our way for our upcoming reunion!" 6/11/2016

"I am so impressed with the Office portion of the website and the wonderful way the information here keeps us all connected. Thank you to the whole Classreport staff for following your dreams and making this possible for so many high school reunion groups to keep in touch. We are happy to support your cause with thankfulness and gratefulness for such a helpful tool. Thank you for all that you do!" 6/10/2016

"I love your site. At my age it is hard putting names and faces together and your site makes it easier than the others. Keep up the good work." 6/6/2016

"What a great website you have!! Our reunion was the best ever because of you and we expect many more at the next one due to the outstanding success of the site! Thx so much!!" 6/4/2016

"This site has helped my class members and I connect with each other that otherwise would not have been possible. We are already starting to plan our next Reunion. Thank you for this website." 5/28/2016

"Thank you for your response to my questions. I appreciate your very kind response and I am very happy with Classreport." 5/20/2016

"Your site works well - easy to navigate and update. Thanks for this service." 5/20/2016

"Thanks Classreport and thanks to our class for sustaining such a great site." 5/14/2016

"The effort you make to keep this site free from ads and intrusive information is greatly appreciated. I prefer your website over the others out there. Keep up the great work." 5/12/2016

"Nice site!" 5/6/2016

"Here is a very big thank you for all that you do at Classreport!" 5/2/2016

"It's amazing to me how we can all stay connected through this. Thank You." 5/1/2016

"Thanks for putting together great websites for alums to enjoy. Great job!!" 4/28/2016

"You have good information here and the administrator page is a good source of info." 4/7/2016

"You guys are great!" 3/25/2016

"Thank You!! Keep up the good work - is awesome and such a great tool." 3/22/2016

"Thank you for your site. It is extremely helpful in so many ways!" 3/18/2016

"Best wishes to the website. I think what you are doing is terrific." 3/2/2016

"Thank you for all the wonderful class news on this page. Keep up the great work." 2/23/2016

"I love your site. Keep up the great work!" 1/27/2016

"I've really enjoyed reading updates on the website and hearing so many of my class members are doing so well." 1/20/2016

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    Visits  Located  Class Administrator
2016 58  
2015 261  
2014 484  
2013 573  
2012 620  
2011 716  
  2010 1191 16  Tyler Somerfelt
  2009 1354 7  Travis Crabtree
  2008 1264  
  2007 1671 2  
  2006 1522  
  2005 1630 1  
  2004 2266 5  Brandy DiGiammarino Karalewitz
  2003 2261 12  Cara Nelson Smith
  2002 2148 6  
  2001 3015 9  
  2000 7901 47  Treniere Clement
  1999 12885 137  Stephanie Falkenstein Nicklos
  1998 6963 89  Adam Marquette
1997 18245 305  
1996 3375 27  Alan Kuznicki
  1995 2695 10  
  1994 2071 4  
  1993 2144 2  
  1992 2283 8  
  1991 2344 5  
  1990 2422 12  
1989 5403 76  Christie Lucco
1988 16209 144  
  1987 4147 13  Maureen Knowles Marsinek
  1986 2547 3  
  1985 2126 7  
  1984 2321 6  
  1983 3128 15  
  1982 4251 34  James Gidley
  1981 4251 29  Lisa Lundgren Paxton
  1980 2960 13  
  1979 2320 13  
  1978 3041 15  Lori Hayn Baker
  1977 3037 11  
1976 3266 8  Mark Gidley
  1975 2793 10  MARY GRANATA SMITH
  1974 2729 10  
  1973 2317 6  
  1972 3831 23  Garlin Smith
  1971 2742 9  Calvin Stout
1970 17686 246  Joyce Pickrell Perram
1969 5884 20  Michele Jacobs
1968 12030 291  Cheryl Ruble Hanna
1967 24077 261  Linda Coleman Berthold
1966 24913 261  Linda (Lin) Bevington Krebs
1965 40119 257  Laurie Graham Tiffany
1964 10030 208  Janet Hanson Vittorio
1963 7708 45  Robert Cooper
1962 13050 125  Kenneth Price
1961 2386 5  Jim Betz
1960 9104 120  Joan Dyke Hunt
1959 13867 90  Nancy Dawes Reinhart
1958 71459 64  Jim Hurd
1957 14415 75  Walter Joseph Bankes
1956 1967  
1955 1701  
1954 6495 58  Barbara Bankes Allen
1953 1790 2  
1952 1506  
1951 1466  
1950 1789  

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