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14th Anniversary!
SHS Southern High School
Louisville, KY  USA
Monday March 27, 2017

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IT'S 2017.
Happy 75th Birthday Year, SHS Classmates!
Please share your personal news with us!

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Above are snapshots from a few of our SHS classmates. . . . . . . Send us some of your own snapshots to add to the show! . . . . . . To see the slide show in a different format, just click on any photo.

Southern High Snapshots
All of us have some photos or negatives from the '50s, probably stored away in shoeboxes in an upstairs closet. Well, isn't it time we dug them out and shared them? If you have a digital scanner, scan some in and email them to us. Or, mail us the photos, or even just the negatives, and we'll scan your favorite snapshots in and post them here. If you've been saving them the past half century, isn't it time we brought them to the light of day? Become immortal; put your picture on the Internet!

This site is operated and funded by members of our class.
Class Administrator: Barbara Ann Forrester Fultz
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57 Year Reunion Announcement!

Southern High Class of 1960 Next Big Reunion

How about a Florida venue?  

Our next big event? Who knows? Will we get together in our 57th year, our 60th? The suggestion box is open. Have your say. Stay tuned!  


Class News


Below, something to keep your tummy warm:
a big pot of taco soup!


Wondering what Southern High is like today?
Check out this "Southern Rocks" video from YouTube.


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Well, being 74-75 does have advantages ...

In a hostage situation we are likely to be released first.
No one expects us to run into a burning building.
Friends call at 9 p.m. and ask, "Did I wake you?"
People no longer view us as hypochondriacs.
There's nothing left to learn the hard way.
We can eat dinner at 4 p.m.
We enjoy hearing about other people's operations.
We have a party and the neighbors don't even realize it.
We sing along with the elevator music.
Our investment in health insurance is finally paying off.
Our joints are more accurate than the weather service.
We won't remember where we read this.

We're not older, just more colorful!

Among the two dozen attending our June 5 chili supper at Donnie Bradley's home were (l-r) Sandy, Joan, Brenda, Ruth, Kathy and Betty.

Click here to see our Mike Linnig's outing.

An impromptu aggregation of Trojanettes joined entertainer "Rockin’ Ricky" Powell in warbling some Patsy Cline and Connie Francis standards, among other golden oldies. None of them (tsk, tsk) knew the words nor the tune to our SHS pep song much less the Alma Mater! (Left to right) Barbara Ann, Joan, Betty, Ricky, JoAnn, Pat, Ruth, Kathy and Lana.


Looking elegant amid the glitter, Joan (Doyle) McCurry and her husband, Terry, footed the bill for the evening’s professional entertainer, singing DJ and funnyman "Rockin’ Ricky" Powell.


Yes, you can still order our 170-page, spiral bound printed directory of the SHS Class of 1960 by contacting Barbara Ann Forrester Fultz at (502) 417-9854. Plus, she also has the newly printed 200-plus page guide to the Class of 1961, as well. You may well want to have both books! She even has DVD slide shows, too. Get your own copy of the Saturday evening program simply by clicking here.

The lake view from our 70th birthday party.

Our Southern High School Class of 1960’s collective 70th Birthday Party Bash at South Park Country Club on Friday, August 17, 2012, began with a buffet line. Among the entrée selections, the fish was exceptional.  

Our fellow Southerners may wish to visit our related Facebook pages, in particular, "Southern High Class of 1960 Reunion," but also "Southern Grads," "Southern High Class 1960," and "Southern High School 1962ers" among others.

Gary and Gwen Robinson drove in from Lawrenceburg for our collective 70th birthday party. “It was a nice, easy-going evening,” reflects Gary. “I wish it could have lasted longer. I guess we talked more with those at our table — David and Ceely, Rich, Joan, Buddy and Sue. I particularly enjoyed getting to meet for the first time my ole buddy Harold Risner’s wife, Brenda.” Gary and Gwen are making plans to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary at the end of October. “And my mom will be celebrating her 95th birthday!”


Our Class Message Board

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ADD NEW         
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   Patsy Watkins Hart's brother Roland passes Jim Reed

  Our friend and Southern High Class of 19

Sat 2/18/2017 4:36 PM

  Norman Mercer Passes Away. Jim Reed

  Members of the Southern High School Clas

Wed 12/14/2016 4:16 AM

  We've lost Barbara Stith Yadon "Jim Reed"

  Alumni of Southern High School Class are

Fri 7/15/2016 5:50 AM

  We have lost Jerry Smith. "Jim Reed"

  Members of the Southern High School Clas

Thu 6/23/2016 10:14 PM

  Pat Watkins Hart loses her husband Jim Reed

  Sadly, we must report that Ronald Hart,

Sat 10/3/2015 3:45 PM

   Bobby Brown passes away James E.

  Members of the Southern High School Clas

Sun 2/1/2015 10:18 PM

  Carolyn Marian Thomas Dufva Passes Away Jim Reed

  While we endeavor to confirm difficult n

Wed 8/27/2014 1:49 AM

  Jo Ellen (Thurman) Crouch passes away "Jim Reed"

  Members of the Southern High School Clas

Sat 5/31/2014 4:31 PM

  Kathleen (Pybus) Ryan loses husband "Jim Reed"

  Our good friend and Southern High Class

Mon 2/17/2014 5:12 PM

   Tommy Ellis has passed away Jim Reed

  We confirmed just today that Tommy Ellis

Thu 11/21/2013 7:03 PM

  Carol Morgan Memorial Service change of date: Barbara Ann Forrester Fultz

  Carol Morgan Memorial Service change of

Tue 9/17/2013 11:49 AM

  Carol Morgan passes away Barbara Ann Forrester Fultz

  Too often anymore, news comes as a shock

Mon 9/16/2013 10:37 PM

  Murrell the muffler man "Jim Reed"

  Yes, folks, many stories are bubbling to

Tue 8/27/2013 9:06 PM

  We lost Murrell today Jim Reed

  My eyes were more than just misty as I d

Fri 8/23/2013 11:41 PM

  You know what I mean? "Jim Reed"

  A few weeks ago, I was reading a governm

Tue 8/20/2013 10:10 PM


Today's Featured Biography


Phyllis Wright Holloway

After leaving Southern, Dick and I attended the University of Kentucky. We married in 1962 and had our first daughter, Kimberly, in 1963.

After leaving the University in 1964, he accepted a job with Boeing in Huntsville, Alabama, on the Apollo program. While in Huntsville, we had our son, Richard, in 1965.

In 1968 we moved to Seattle, with Boeing. While in Seattle, we had our second daughter, Karen. In 1969 we moved to Texas and thinking that there were fifty states decided to have a dog.

While in Texas, we made the most important decision of our lives and accepted Christ. This has led us to be very involved in Christian work.

While in Texas Dick received his Masters in business at TCU. We moved from Texas back to Seattle and then to NH. After a short stay in NH we moved to NY for a year and then to Georgia. After a year in Georgia we returned to Seattle for four years. In 1978 we moved to Wichita Kansas.

In 1980, Boeing asked Dick to start a division in Huntsville, Alabama. Full circle and we have been here thirty years.

Our daughter, Karen, lives about 100 yards through the woods and over the creek. Three grandchildren are only a shout away. Our son and three grandchildren are within three miles. Our oldest daughter lives in Memphis; of her two children, one is in college at UAB, and one is still in high school.

Life is great with eight grandchildren.
Since retiring in 2001, Dick and I have enjoyed traveling. We have been to many countries and look forward to seeing many more. Life has been good to us. The moving has resulted in a close family bond and resulted in close church families.



Here are a few photos from the 70th birthday party. These were made by Barbara Ann (Forrester) Fultz. Hopefully, we have shots of everyone attending.

Paparazzo Barbara Ann caught these two dancing before the music had begun, and she confided to me that they’re "an item." I can keep a secret, Barbara. That’s our classmates Mary (Brown) Tewmey and Donald Baird.


David and Ceely Shepherd made a family affair out of coming to Louisville for our Birthday Bash. "We also are visiting my son and two grandchildren, who live in Goshen, and my sister, who lives in Scottsburg, Indiana," David tells us. Married for 42 years, the Shepherds live in Florida. "After I retired from the railroad, a few hard snows is all it took," notes David. Among classmates he enjoyed seeing, he mentions Mike Grider: "I bought a fishing boat from Mike way back when. And Gary Robinson: same ole Gary, same ole laugh. We played in the band together. I asked Gary, who is quite a gardener, what kind of tomatoes he likes to grow, and he said ‘Mr. Stripey,’ the same variety I like down in Florida, red with yellow and orange stripes; they grow up to two pounds!

Ask David about the time he riled Southern teacher Ruth Miss Willis. He’s still explaining why "it wasn’t my fault!"

Mike and Sandy (Herdt) Potter, both Southern grads, have been key movers in organizing our various reunion events. "We had a great time," reports Sandy. "The food was good, and I talked to people I haven’t seen in a long time!" The Potters celebrated their golden wedding anniversary on Feb. 23, 2012.


Morris and Barbara Sue (Sanders) Longacre arrive in a splash of color. And why shouldn’t Morris be clad in purple; he’s a Southern grad, too, (Class of 1957) and he was a standout athlete. Four years is quite an age spread in high school, though. "Oh, we didn’t date in high school," explains Barbara Sue, who swished her poodle skirt through the chemistry lab in our junior year. "After Southern, I attended Western, and I posted a note on the bulletin board, as college students used to do, hoping to hitch a ride home. Well, the rest is history!"


We thought no one could come between Ernest "Sonny" and Betty (Beasley) Miller — and yet! Sue, is that you gal? These early party arrivals were ready for some fun.


Patricia Louise looks quite elegant in purple. Pat (Cook) Riggs is retired from the Bullitt County Board of Education. Her favorite pastime is "to work on genealogy. I have over 6,000 people in my report and go back to 1613 on my family and to 1530 on Leon's family." She and Leon will celebrate their 52nd wedding anniversary in January 2013!


Janeffa (Bridges) Hall married Elmer in 1964. They have three children, seven grandchildren and one great grandchild. "After Elmer Ray retired, we bought a condo in Florida and spend six months there and six months in Shepherdsville."


David and Carolyn "Connie" (Barmore) Gay live on Peaceful Way in Shepherdsville. Connie wrote in the senior annual that her favorite pastime was "talking on the telephone." Some things never change. (Now, if we could get her to write a personal bio.)


As people began arriving at the South Park Country Club for our SHS Class of 1960 collective 70th birthday year party, Barbara Ann got this side by side shot of Carolyn (Anderson) Polston and her daughter, Angela. Same size, same hair, same complexion and same eyes! Our classmate was ready to celebrate, though her own birthday is in April.


Joe and Jo Ellen (Thurman) Crouch have three children. Jo Ellen celebrated a big (Shhh) birthday on July 31, but she was happy to extend the party to August 17 in order to include her classmates. Now, if we could get her to complete her profile.
(Regretfully, we must add that Jo Ellen passed away on May 27, 2014, Details are in our Family News section.)


"I think now is the best time of my life, and I’m grateful to God for helping me realize that every day is precious," says Lee Markwell, photographed with his wife, Marte. Any children? How about David, Susan, Paul, Cynthia Lee, Michael, Jeanne, Sheri and Cindy Lynn! Grandkids, you betcha!

Southern High reunions are a family tradition in the Riggs clan, lately. While Melves and Martha Riggs are shown here at our 1960 get-together, Melves’ sister, Marcella Brooks, had her Class of 1961 reunion event last year, and his younger brother, Joe, came in for his SHS Class of 1962 50th reunion on August 11, this year!

Beverly (Sanders) Humphress and her late mom, Jenny Cruse, who is also classmate Pat (Hogan) Morgan’s aunt.

"David never meets a stranger," brags April (Burks) Bond as her husband blends right in with April’s classmates at our 70th Birthday Bash. "David likes to dance, too," continues April, "and he goes with Bonnie and me when we line dance with the "Nuts and Honeys" group.

"I don’t need to catch up with my pal April at this party," explains Bonnie (Carney) McMurray. "We see each other a couple of times a week." Bonnie lives in Taylorsville, but works in the personnel office at the Salvation Army in Louisville. "On my lunch hour, I like to walk over to Fourth Street Live, just to see what’s going on, and I love to read when I can."

We jotted down David Shepherd’s phone number since we barely got to talk to him and his pretty wife, Ceely, but he did have time to tell us about coming across a passel of wild turkeys a while back. The Shepherds live in Crestview, Florida.

Sounding like someone released from imprisonment, Kathy (Pybus) Ryan told us, "June 1 was my first day out — it was my birthday, too! — and I am still learning to enjoy retirement." We’re pleased you’re ‘out,’ Kathy, and we hope you have a long and happy tenure in your newfound freedom. At Kathy’s behest, her friend, Cindy Smith, created the beautiful cake for our recent birthday party bash!

Sandy (Priddy) Page brought her son, Sean Page, to our 70th Birthday Bash. We are more accustomed to seeing Sandy photographed on a horse. She is actively involved in distance and endurance riding with her Arabian horses. "I have 36 acres in Southern Indiana and would love to retire, but that’s probably not possible for a long time. My son and his wife are helping me build a bermed house with an interior that uses logs made by the Amish."

OK, we photographers sometimes hand our cameras off and "watch the birdie," too. I gave my Nikon to Barbara Ann Fultz, who deftly grabbed this shot of me without even rising from her chair. – Jim Reed

Click above to visit our site on Facebook!

Louisville, Kentucky, weather forecast

Friday,August 20, 2010, we toured Southern. Thanks Principal Jerry Keepers!

Impromptu on the SHS auditorium stage Friday afternoon starring Pat O'Bryan (left)
and the late Sandy (Stone) Barratt.

Click here to see lots more photos from
our 50th reunion tour of Southern!

Hover your mouse over the lower right of the teachers slide show window below and a small yellow block will appear. Click on it to display slide show full screen.

Southern High Faculty

Above are shots from some of our SHS formal dances . . . . . . . Send us some of your dance snapshots to add to the show! . . . . . . Also, if you recognize any unidentified dancers, let us know what names to add in. . . . . . To see the slide show in full screen format, click your mouse on a photo.

Southern Saturday Nights
On weekends at Southern, the cafeteria often underwent a transformation. In addition to weekly sock hops, on occasion we added an extra touch for formal dances by hanging crepe paper and hiring a real, live band! Formals were a special opportunity for the girls to strut their stuff in high heels and their best party frocks complemented by color-coordinated corsages, while the guys grudgingly donned sports coats, ties and boutonnieres. The spell was cast and magic was in the air as we and danced the night away.

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 Death  Patsy Watkins' brother passes away. Our friend an
 Posted by: James (Jim) Reed


 Death  Norman Mercer Passes Away. Members of the Souther
 Posted by: James (Jim) Reed


 Death  Barbara Stith Yadon has passed away. Alumni of So
 Posted by: James (Jim) Reed


 Death  Members of the Southern High School Class of 1960
 Posted by: James (Jim) Reed


 Death  Sadly, we must report that Ronald Hart, a member o
 Posted by: James (Jim) Reed


 Death  Bobby Brown Passes Away .........................
 Posted by: James (Jim) Reed


 Death  Carolyn Marian (Thomas) Dufva passes away. .......
 Posted by: James (Jim) Reed




There are no Calendar items on file
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Today's Featured Class Member Website


David Walsh

Personal Website


Harold and Brenda Risner live in the Prospect area and are the doting grandparents of their daughter’s three girls. We saw Harold table-hopping all evening. Harold’s dad, Ben Risner, taught math at Southern, while his mother, Mildred, taught at Okolona Elementary. Harold donated eight "sharp" door prize gifts for our 70th birthday party, all of which would make Crocodile Dundee proud.



We need detective work.
We have yet to find a number of folks.
Maybe you can supply a lead.
Let's find our missing SHS 1960 classmates

Let's find our missing partners!

Mary Alice Combs

Saundra Elaine Hailey

Saundra Sue Houser

Judith [Judith Rae] Shirke Howell

Mary Jane Jackson

Lind [Elizabeth Lind] Knecht Rogers

Mary Patricia Stopher Moore

Carole Jean Warren Ritchey

Bonnie Jean Stevenson

Charles H. Trapp

Martha [Martha Dean] Vittitow

Brenda Beard Garber

Barbara Carver Jones

Eleanor Ruth Zellers

Sondra LeGrand Heynes

Let's join forces to locate our "Missing" classmates.

The SHS Class of 1961 also asks our help.
Their reunion was August 20, 2011.
They have yet to find a number of folks.
Maybe some of us can supply a lead.
Let's find our "missing" SHS 1960 and 1961 classmates

Richard David Adams

Jeffrey Bilger

Nancy Lea (Byrd) Bundy

Charles Burnett

Jewell (Smith) Burress

Lynn Maureen Damon

Barry Dean Edwards

Edna M. (Parton) Edwards

Betty Gayle Hoskins

Carolyn Sue (Smith) Johnson

Delores Johnson

Curlene (Coakley) Luttrell

James Martin

Billy McBride

Sherman Edward McClaron

James David Morgan

Sandra Rogers

Joyce (Ables) Schroeder

Linda (Latham) Sherard

William M. Smith

Keith Thomas

Bruce Wayne Wilson

Sharon (Miller) Zielberg

Let's join forces to locate all of our SHS classmates.


“This was my senior prom picture taken by my mother at my parents’ home on South Park Road while I was waiting for my date, Jim,” writes Joan (Doyle) McCurry. “Jim had a Corvette! Trouble was, in my prom dress, I couldn’t fit in it. So, we doubled dated that night with Delores Chancey and Bobby Knipp and had a great time. After the prom we went back to Delores’ house and danced until two o’clock in the morning! I know there were more pictures taken that night, but they must have gone the way of the wind! The great thing about old pictures is that there are no wrinkles.” 


This photo "was taken graduation day in my parents' front yard on Shepherdsville Road," writes Carole (Miesner) Shramovich, who went with her husband, George,  to his own 50th high school class reunion last September.

As was often the case with Southern girls, Mary (Renfro) Coy reports , "I picked the pattern, and my mother made my graduation dress." A stunning redhead in a beautiful dress! "On graduation day, after the morning practice, Diane Clark, Joyce Phelps and I went downtown to a movie before the evening commencement exercise."

Our classmate Janet (Farak) Martin tells us, "As of June 27, I have hiked all the maintained trails in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. My strangest experience in the Smokies happened on the very last night . . . (Check our Message Board for the story!). Also an alpine skier, When not in "travel mode," Janet was a trial lawyer for 25 years.

One of our driving forces in the SHS reunion planning effort is "Rapid Ruthie" (Hornback) Orthober who recalls that years ago, "My husband was racing cars at the local tracks and as an amateur on the local NASCAR circuit. I decided if he could, I could, and for a couple of years I drove in the Powder Puff series!" Ruth tells us "Reconnecting with everyone has brought back lots of memories. I really look forward to this reunion!"

Barbara Ann (Forrester) Fultz has been behind a camera since our days at Southern. She was told by a teacher that a girl couldn't be annual staff photographer, because "girls wear dresses and, well, they can't be climbing ladders and stuff like that to shoot photos." Incensed at such discrimination, she's been shooting photos ever since. Barbara Ann launched our SHS web site and spends hours each day keeping it updated and refreshed. It's just like her to peek from behind a tree since she so often works behind the scenes, but a girlfriend caught this shot of Barbara Ann a few weeks ago for a moment making a pretty picture -- in front of the camera lens.


Where's the flattop go, Bob? Robert Hitt, as he's known these days, lives in Maine now, but "I was a working actor for 20 years in New York City and around the country. I did plays, commercials and TV sitcoms. My film work was a great experience, and I frequently worked in big films, but my parts were often small. A couple of my favorite films are: All That Jazz, and Missing (with Jack Lemmon)." Read more about this "Southern Man" in our online profiles, and if you have not done, so please update your own personal bio.

The Trojan Man: Fit, trim and muscled, always ready for action. Marlboros in shirt pocket, this one-time U.S. Army special agent lived in Cincinnati for 43 years, but is now back in Louisville. He splits his time between tennis and ballroom dancing. Rich Stevenson, shown above at age 33, is doing the final editing on "The Second American Revolution," to be published shortly. He still has an infectious laugh that soars above the crowd.

Linda (Rohn) Deutsch, John Moore and Ruth (Hornback) Orthober pose for a color picture -- in black and white!

Table after table of our 1950s vintage high school memorabilia included everything from wood shop creations to hand made "cootie catchers."

Vying for hands-on claim to the balloons as we head for the exit after an exciting evening are Lovie Ann (Higdon) Baker, Wendell Cash and Jo Ann (Stratton) Payton, who is clutching her copy of the updated yearbook.

Been in Louisville lately? Above is Waterfront Park.
Click photo to enlarge.

Look: We have an alternative short link to our
Southern High School Class of 1960 web site:


SHS 1960 "Seniors" seen
at Mike Linnig's.
Can you identify them?

Answers here: Click

SHS 1960 "Seniors" seen
at Mike Linnig's.
Can you identify them?

Answers here: Click


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SHS 1960 "Seniors" seen
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