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12th Anniversary

"Your site is amazing. Kudos to you and your staff. You have benefitted so many high school alumni in organizing their class reunions." 10/4/2017

"Thanks to our class website played a huge part in the success of our Reunion. We greatly appreciate your wonderful support." 10/3/2017

"Thanks for all your hard work and ingenious spirit." 9/25/2017

"Thanks guys, you are Good!!" 9/23/2017

"I love your service and will continue to support you." 9/14/2017

"We have been using the website for more than 10 years now. It's still the best website out there for classmates to meet, collect their info and advertise their reunions. Thanks for inventing it all!" 9/11/2017

"Thank you for your assistance. It was very helpful. Looks good!" 9/5/2017

"I am so grateful I found your website. It is especially wonderful for our classmates. I will spread the word!!" 8/31/2017

"Our high school reunion was a great success and our site on ClassReport.Org was a HUGE help in that success! ClassReport.Org is by far the best platform on the Internet when it comes to high school reunions!" 8/30/2017

"Thanks for all of your help and the great web site you have. We have a great response for our upccoming reunion events in September." 8/7/2017

"We started this site back in 2004 for our high school and really appreciate all the help you have been to us." 8/6/2017

"I love Classreport! It's so easy to manage our reunion events!" 8/2/2017

"Thanks for keeping our memories alive and well for all us '76 grads. Being on a fixed income I can't go to some alumni sites that charge sizable fees for every little snippet of info volunteered by the grads themselves. Good job." 7/27/2017

"Thank you so much for doing this. I appreciate it" 7/21/2017

"We had our 50th reunion in June. It was a great success in large part due to the creation and use of the Classreport web site. Of our 379 classmates, we've located 322 and confirmed another 46 are deceased. We've had 7,900 hits in less than a year. Thanks for making available a great product that we will continue to use!" 7/14/2017

"My name is Debbie and I'm a teacher. I came across your page while searching for information about genealogy for an upcoming student project. The resources you have are very helpful! I just wanted to thank you and thought you should know how useful it is as it's made collecting information a lot easier." 7/11/2017

"Y'all Rock!" 7/11/2017

"Just want to send you a huge 'thank you' for your awesome website! Using this website has been such a blessing and an ease in creating name tags for our reunion and just having our classmates keep in touch. We had the best 50th reunion with the most attendees ever! This class of ours has had a reunion every 5 years since graduation. Not sure if we will have another one but the website will keep us connected. Again, thank you for this awesome website." 7/10/2017

"I want to thank you for running this site! It is a huge support in keeping track of everyone and getting the word out about reunions." 7/6/2017

"Thank you very much for having a great site, we rely on it to keep info flowing to our classmates and use the tools to make the Reunion Committee jobs easier!" 6/8/2017

"Thank you . . . you folks Rock!" 6/8/2017

"Ttanks for your support. I was able to get the correct document uploaded. Your site is amazing." 2/9/2017

"You have done a GREAT job with this site. I will be telling our class to update their profiles." 2/8/2017

"My class appreciates your organization more than I can say. THANK YOU." 2/8/2017

"Many thanks for the news update about our class. The site is really looking great!" 2/6/2017

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    Visits  Located  Class Administrator
2017 93  
2016 158  
2015 436  
2014 443  
2013 617 1  
  2012 669  
  2011 789  
  2010 845  
  2009 972  
  2008 878  
  2007 966 1  
  2006 1152  
  2005 1065 2  
  2004 1041  
  2003 1120  
  2002 995  
  2001 950 2  
  2000 1104 1  
  1999 1169 2  
  1998 1235 3  
  1997 1521 2  
  1996 1104 1  
  1995 1753 1  
  1994 1498  
  1993 992 1  
  1992 1210 2  
  1991 1877 5  
  1990 1298 3  
  1989 1261 1  
  1988 1334 4  
  1987 1260  
  1986 1413 1  
  1985 1110  
1984 3939 167  Melanie Hill Giek
  1983 1486 1  
  1982 2226 3  Danny Mongosa
  1981 1480 1  
  1980 1184 1  
  1979 1453 4  
  1978 1193 3  
  1977 1202  
  1976 1638 7  Linda Stokdyk
  1975 1194  
  1974 1119  
  1973 1466 1  
  1972 1338 1  
1971 2575 12  
  1970 1485  
  1969 1463 3  
  1968 1552 3  
1967 1729  
1966 2815 9  Lynn Dancey Rudkin
1965 7017 222  Shirley Moseley Kerns
1964 25350 199  Joyce Gochenour Rockenbaugh
1963 35226 182  Jimmy Cover
1962 5657 43  William Goodwin
1961 4415 27  
1960 21326 133  John Rigle
1959 8693 63  Ellen Cattin Harvey
1958 4199 14  
1957 1393 1  
1956 1775 2  
1955 1487 1  
1954 1148  
1953 1447 1  
1952 1414 3  
1951 1460  
1950 1120  

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