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12th Anniversary!
GHS Glendale High School
Glendale, CA  USA
Tuesday April 28, 2015

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Event Announcement!

LESS THAN TWO YEARS AWAY! ~ Our 55 Year Reunion

Saturday,  October  1,  2016

Location to be announced  

Cost to be announced  

October 1, 2016 is getting closer and closer by the day so it's time to start making your plans to attend our 55 year reunion.

(We'll be sending out email and postal mail notifications and sign-up announcements as we get closer to the magic date.)

We know several of you already had commitments before we announced when and where the 50 year reunion in October of 2011 would be taking place and weren't able to attend.

This time, you won't have to miss out schmoozing with your OLD friends because we didn't let you know far enough in advance. (Or - far less tactfully - no excuses this time, kids!)

Lookin' forward to seeing everyone on 10/1/2016!

Very Sincerely,
Your Reunion Committee

Event Contact: Any Committee Member

Shameless Solicitation for Donations

Saturday,  October  1,  2016

At the suggestion of our classmate, Tim McPherson, we are inviting those of you who have enjoyed our reunions in the past to contribute a few of your hard-earned shekels (or even the ones you came by easily) to the “GHS Class of 1961” reunion fund. Your donations will help us with required upfront payments for facilities, decorations, mailings, etc.

AND, if it is as spectacularly successful as we know you can make it, we might even be able to help offset expenses for a few classmates on limited incomes who would otherwise love to attend but simply can’t afford it.

Make checks and money orders payable to: GHS Class of 1961
and mail to: GHS Class of 1961, 1109 Oak Grove Drive, Eagle Rock, CA 90041

NEW THIS YEAR! While donations by check or money order are always welcome, this year we are able to accept contributions via PayPal at ""...

We are also able to accept contributions by credit or debit card PROVIDED THEY ARE LINKED TO YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT.


Event Contact: Linn Hoadley

Make Checks Payable To: GHS Class of 1961
Mail Payment To: GHS Class of 1961, 1109 Oak Grove Drive, Eagle Rock, CA 90041

Event Announcement!

DVD ~ "Visual Memories" ~ Mr. Buonaguidi's Movies of Our Senior Year

$10.00 each (Shipping via USPS is included in the price)  

IMPORTANT: Orders may now be submitted whenever it's convenient  

It is still possible to order a copy of the DVD. Please contact Walt Conner ( Make sure you give me your full shipping address including Zip ... and, yes, we CAN ship to a P.O. Box.

Shipping is by First Class Mail only. Delivery typically takes 3 or 4 days after mailing.

Since we must receive your payment before shipping your DVD, please take a moment after you've emailed your order to write a check payable to "GHS Class of 1961", and send it to:

GHS Class of 1961
1109 Oak Grove Drive
Eagle Rock, CA 90041

NEW! NEW! NEW! ~ While payment by check or money order is always welcome, we are now able to accept contributions via PayPal at ""...

We are also able to accept payment by credit or debit card PROVIDED THEY ARE LINKED TO YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT.

Event Contact: Walt Conner

Make Checks Payable To: GHS Class of 1961
Mail Payment To: GHS Class of ’61, 1109 Oak Grove Drive, Eagle Rock, CA 90041

Homecoming 2011 ~ Our Reunion Memory Book

PRICE: $13.74 each, plus mailing (& sales tax if applicable)  

You will pay by credit card direct to the publisher at the time you place your order.  

You will order directly from the publisher once you click on the "Buy Now" button below. (Note that you will have to establish an account with The Book Patch to order. Title is "Homecoming 2011".) As indicated by the publisher, your book will normally ship within 2 to 3 days. Shipping time varies depending on shipment method selected.

NOTE: Patti Smith Earle was very inadvertently and very unfortunately left out of the Reunion Memory Book. Please contact if you would like a self-adhesive label with Patti's pictures and bio sent to you so that she can be a part of your book. Include your mailing address. (IMPORTANT: There is NO CHARGE for this addendum label.)

BONUS NOTE: If you have difficulty accessing the order page for the Memory Book, please contact me ( & I'll get one ordered for you. AND accept my apologies for the inconvenience. Buy Now style 1 button

Event Contact: Walt Conner


$10.00 for unlimited picture downloads (See NOTICE below)  

As of October, 2013, the pictures and portraits taken during our Homecoming 2011 Reunion are still available for viewing and purchase online. You may download as many pictures as you want for the single low price of only $10.00.

NOTICE: Because there is no way to pay for bulk purchases of digital pictures on the photographer's website, there will be no on-line "shopping cart" or "checkout" procedure as such. Instead, we ask you, as members of a generation raised within a system of values and honesty, to remit payment for your downloads to the name and address at the bottom of this announcement.

If you need help figuring out how to download the pictures, and/or if you're computer challenged / illiterate / phobic, or simply prefer old-fashioned photos, contact Walt Conner at the email address listed below and I will gladly help you.

Follow the link below to our GHS 50-Year Reunion picture gallery.

Event URL:

Event Contact: Walt Conner

Make Checks Payable To: Andy Kitchen
Mail Payment To: Andy Kitchen, 3226 Orange, La Crescenta, CA 91214


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  Murray Grant Judy Burton Boulet

  "Mr Grant", a History and Introduction t

Sat 4/18/2015 11:07 AM

  And another loss~Richard Hansen Shauna Hansen (Daughter of Richa

  I'm not sure where to put it. This is a

Sat 3/14/2015 10:52 PM

  Another Classmate Lost Walter Conner

  It saddens me to report that Bob Rollins

Wed 3/4/2015 11:18 PM

  "Heirs of Wisdom" Walter Conner

  Heirs of Wisdom ~ Book Five in my WISDOM

Wed 3/4/2015 7:51 PM

  Just an update Jennifer Venola

  Good afternoon all. Just wanted to add

Sun 1/26/2014 2:47 PM

  Alternate Alumni Website Walter Conner

  Here's a link to an alternate website wh

Sun 10/20/2013 11:56 PM

  Official Glendale High School Website Walter Conner

  Here's the link to the GHS website which

Sun 10/20/2013 11:48 PM

  Oktoberfest, 2013 in Montrose, CA Walter Conner

  Classmate and Reunion Committee member R

Tue 10/8/2013 3:38 PM

  Betsy Roberts ~ R.I.P. Walter Conner

  Joan (Schafer) Clanton has advised me th

Fri 10/4/2013 12:11 AM

  A Word of Thanks to the Class of '61 Walter Conner

  I recently ran across the photographer a

Tue 4/30/2013 6:04 PM

  Regarding Missing Class Members Walter Conner

  As you go through the lists of class mem

Mon 4/29/2013 9:35 AM

  Best Class Site Walter Conner

  We're pleased and proud to have been awa

Tue 5/15/2012 11:21 PM

  Another Classmate Lost Walter Conner

  We are saddened to have to announce the

Wed 2/29/2012 4:26 PM

  Donation to GHS Reunion Committee

  The Class of 1961 has donated a copy of

Mon 2/6/2012 1:39 PM

  Reunion Videos on the Web Walter Conner

  Ron Magneson has created two really fine

Fri 12/30/2011 11:19 PM


Today's Featured Biography


Donald Davidson

FINS UP.... Does anyone else feel that submitting a bio it's a little bit like writing one's own obituary? Someone once said to me they were sorry they were going to miss their own funeral to which I replied...yea but your only going to miss it by a few days! Anyway here goes......

After 27 years in banking I retired in 1998 at the age of 55 and have been sleeping in late on Monday's for most of the last 12+ years. Only one problem being's 24/7 with no paid vacations. I still get called to do consulting and when I agree to do so it's mostly because my wife told me that she "married me for better or worse but not for lunch ."

After attending several JC's and getting into business for myself and selling same I started my career with Crocker Bank in 1971. I worked for Crocker until it was acquired by Wells Fargo Bank in 1986.

During my time with Crocker I worked in LA, SF, San Jose and Fresno. I spent 5 years in the banks Master Charge department. I then became the manager for the banks Professional Services Banking group in Southern California, and 2 years later relocated to SF when I took the position of Product Manager for all of the Bank's transportation products (autos, boats, RV's and aircraft ). 1981 was the year I became Marketing Manager for all Crocker community bank branches in the state.

When Wells Fargo announced they were going to acquire Crocker I decided to hop off the stagecoach. I began my "second " career in banking when I took a job with First Interstate Bank back where it all began in downtown Los Angeles. We moved from Fresno to Santa Clarita. My time with First Interstate was spent working in several senior credit administrative positions.

In late 1989 I began my "third, " but little did I know not last, career in this field when Bank of Boston offered me the position of Director of Credit Policy for their newly formed Consumer Finance Group. This relocation ended up with us moving to Foxboro, MA. I worked out of my offices in Boston and Providence, RI. Winter was a new experience for us but little did I know how bad winters could be.

Two years later the Bank asked if I would consider moving to Buenos Aries to work with their banks in Argentina. While the offer was very tempting we just didn't want to move our 5 kids (the youngest was just turning 2), nor did I want to take Spanish lessons again (I was lucky to get a D in Spanish at GHS ).

It was at this time that the Bank acquired a failed savings bank in Hartford, CT. for $115 million, whose only real asset was a small size consumer finance company (Fidelity Acceptance Corp.) located in Minneapolis. The Bank asked me to do a review of the company and report my findings to the Board. Three weeks later the Bank asked if I would take over as the President & CEO of Fidelity.

I got to tell you that for the next 6+ years this was the most fun I ever had in my life..... with my cloths on!

When I first arrived Fidelity, a sub-prime lender for auto & personal loans, operated in 24 states under the name Fidelity Financial Services. They had a little over $225 million in assets, 38 offices and 265 employees. Fidelity also owned Admiral Life Insurance Co. and National Letter (a small printing co ). In 6 years we grew the company to over $1.2 billion in assets with 180 offices in 46 states, 3 offices in Guam, and 800 + employees.

Now about that "bad winter"...When I arrived in Minneapolis it was February, the temp was a "pleasant" - 24 degrees...Welcome to Minnesota !!!!!! I was living in a hotel in downtown Minneapolis and commuting back to Boston on the weekends. For 10 weeks I never really went outside. Minneapolis has a system of walkways connecting all the buildings downtown (they remind one of gerbil tubes) because to go outside in winter can be hazardous to one's health.

We bought a home in Lake Minnatonka and the first Halloween we were there I took 4 of our 5 kids out trick or treating. During our outing it turned very cold and then it began to snow. By the time we got back to the house it was a heavy snowstorm. The next day there was over 14 inches of snow. Minnesota is great if you like cold cold winters, lots of insects in the summer, and meeting folks named after fish parts "Gil and Finn."

It didn't take me long to know that I wanted to move out of Minneapolis and the opportunity came along were we acquired the assets of Century Finance in Kansas City, MO. I relocated our headquarters to downtown KC and moved the family to Leawood, KS.

In 1997 the Bank announced a merger with Fleet Bank in Boston and became FleetBoston. The Bank at this time decided to sell all their subsidiary consumer business which included Fidelity Acceptance. We received an offer from Mercury Finance, the largest sub-prime lender in the country, to purchase 51% of Fidelity for $485 million in Mercury stock. To make a long story short just before the sale was due to close the CFO of Mercury went public with the fact that Mercury had been cooking their books and in fact wanted to acquire Fidelity to cover their loan loss reserves. The Bank backed out of the sale and some months after the SEC indictments were announced, that same CFO was found dead from 5 self-inflected gun shot wounds to the back of his head (I know I exaggerate here...maybe only the first 2 were self-inflected)

In any event, seven months later we were able to sell Fidelity to of all people Wells Fargo Bank and I rode off into retirement on my golden stagecoach.

These days the family and I play lots of golf, travel, and depending on which kid, try to attend every Jimmy Buffet, Neil Diamond, Floggin Molly, and Wide Spread Panic concert we can.

Kerri our oldest daughter graduated from KU in 2008 and is in her 4th year of teaching English in China. Brianne, graduated from the Air Force Academy in 2008, married in 2009 and is currently stationed at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas along with our son-in-law (also an Academy grad) who is a pilot (F-15). Maggie our youngest girl is in her senior year at KSU. Our youngest son is a senior in high school and is being recruited by Div. 1 schools as a diver. Derek our oldest son is working in construction and living the good least according to him!

If there are three things I have learned these past 50 years they are 1) when your kids grow up and leave the home they are never really off the payroll, 2) if crime really didn't pay then the government would run it and 3) the last thing anyone needs in this life is a hobby that eats.....Stay well


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 Death  I'm not sure where to put it. This is a daughter.
 Posted by: Richard Hansen




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