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"I have to tell you that I LOVE your site! I have used it to plan several reunions now and I so appreciate your efforts and support. Thanks so much!" 7/9/2014

"This is the supreme class reunion program out there. Those other sites charge you for almost everything you use or research. My advice to all the classes out there - give yourself a break including your wallet, and do the organization yourself with the fine help of this awesome program. Classreport is the Epic Smart way to manage your class activities and reunions. We consider this program as a legacy to our classes." 5/22/2014

"Without this top-drawer of a web site, keeping up-to-date on activities of fellow alums would be absolutely impossible…THANK YOU to all who are keeping it going!" 5/15/2014

"Everything you are doing is so appreciated! This site is very effective." 5/1/2014

"Thank you so much for this! We have been so delighted with our site since we opened it, and the class is very supportive of it as well." 2/26/2014

"You have built a fantastic website and I try to tell a lot of people about it!" 2/22/2014

"Your site has been so helpful with planning our reunions, making up booklets, badges etc. Couldn't have done it without you. Hope the site continues it's success." 2/17/2014

"Thank you, the site is nice!" 2/15/2014

"I am so enjoying reminiscing over so many memories! Thanks for putting this together." 2/14/2014

"I appreciate using your web site! I heard about your site from our reunion committee who are hoping to use your site to locate and inform class members." 2/12/2014

"Kudos to all those who have taken the time to make this website so wonderful!!" 2/11/2014

"You bring pleasure and connection to thousands across the country. Thank you so much for this!" 2/10/2014

"Our class made a generous contribution recently to help maintain your good work! We appreciate all that you do. Many thanks!" 2/8/2014

"It is so nice to be able to keep up with all our classmates lives and information we would not have known otherwise. Thanks for all your hard work!" 2/6/2014

"Thanks for having such a great web-site and I know I certainly enjoy being the Class Administrator for our class page. It is such a delight to be finding our missing class members. Our class really appreciates this!" 2/3/2014

"Thanks to you for the site administration and event organizing. This is a very good thing." 1/31/2014

"We have been searching for a site just as this and you have met our needs perfectly. We are so excited and thank you for creating this very valuable tool. It appears your directions are very straight forward and clear. I hope I can follow with my level of skill." 1/29/2014

"Your website has revitalized many of us old timers! Keep up the good work." 1/28/2014

"I'm putting together our class page and the website couldn't be easier! You all have thought of everything and I'm seeing more and more of our class members come on and update their information! Thanks for having this idea and then making it happen for the benefit of every high school graduating class!" 1/27/2014

"You guys are great. I have found many of my old friends that I haven't seen in years. All the best for 2014!" 1/25/2014

"I love all you guys do!" 1/22/2014

"You've got a great product and I'm happy to support it!" 1/8/2014

"Many thanks for this terrific web site. It has been a great help to our class!" 1/5/2014

"I really appreciate your platform and support. I will continue to support you all as much as I am able. Have a great holiday and Happy New Year. Look forward to our continued relationship." 1/3/2014

"You guys rock" 12/30/2013

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    Visits  Located  Class Administrator
2014 27  
2013 107  
2012 228 1  
2011 375 1  
2010 385  
2009 410  
  2008 562 1  
  2007 789 2  
  2006 1110 3  
  2005 920 1  
  2004 789 1  
  2003 967 3  
  2002 795 2  
2001 3044 163  Fallon Woods
  2000 1034 3  
  1999 4246 54  Shawn Brown
1998 5022 127  April Eans
  1997 5427 65  
1996 15463 161  K. K. Johnson
  1995 1474 9  
  1994 1067 3  
  1993 1034 3  
  1992 1646 10  
  1991 1166 10  
  1990 1216 13  
  1989 1101 6  
1988 15860 275  Bridget Holmes Mergucz
1987 1448 13  
  1986 1069 3  
  1985 1088 3  
  1984 1306 15  
  1983 1203 9  
  1982 1049 6  
  1981 924 4  
  1980 1026 9  
  1979 754 3  
  1978 955 5  
  1977 993 1  
  1976 881 5  Elena E. Lovelace
  1975 1148 15  Carolyn Alexander Vassar
  1974 952 3  
  1973 1167 8  
  1972 1175 6  
  1971 975 5  
  1970 730 1  
  1969 1026 2  
  1968 895 3  
  1967 1213 8  
  1966 843 1  
  1965 1233 11  
  1964 1216 11  Bob Ideker
1963 1038 1  
1962 1350 7  
1961 1030 4  
1960 1169 1  
1959 904 3  
1958 861  
1957 1173 4  
1956 1013 3  
1955 22712 151  Bud Cason
1954 820  
1953 788  
1952 662  
1951 739 1  
1950 690  

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